Damn you smokers! You look so cool out there in the cold and the rain. Bundled up in your failed attempt to keep warm from the elements. Your shoulders shrugged to protect your sensitive necks from the harsh wind. You look like you are having fun; huddled in a circle, but not close enough to feel warmth from your companions. Your condensed breath and smoke breathing all over each others bodies. The quick pulls on your cigarettes from your shaking hands, the only light coming from the soft glow of your tiny fire sticks. I used to be one of you, Damn you for making me remember, but I think I'll stay inside.

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  • Love! :)

    Yeah, I think somehow we'll get by.

    Even if that means taking one for the team, staying indoors where it's warm, not smelling like ashtrays, saving money. :rolleyes:;)

  • But they smell so gooooood when they come back inside! (Please note the sarcasm..)

  • But they smell so gooooood when they come back inside! (Please note the sarcasm..)

    Ha ha! For the first few weeks I actually thought they DID smell so good. I still get a niggle now and then when I'm drinking and the smell of smoking suddenly seems quite nice.

    But that niggle is so minuscule in comparison to smelling fresh and having nice breath! :)

    Let's not forget the lovely ashtray taste that they experience after a smoke ;)

  • Let's not forget the lovely ashtray taste that they experience after a smoke ;)

    Oh how soon I have forgotten. I don't think that would enhance the flavor of my delicious pumpkin beer!

    I think it smells good at first when I am around someone (maybe 1 person) who is smoking. But it is pretty gross when people trail it in and it's on their breath when they talk to you. Ugh, now I feel like I should apologize to everyone I ever did that to.

  • This is brilliant... how many times have i turned around in the wind to try to light cig under coat singing my fringe in the process, dropped one in a puddle, sworn then rolled another there and then with freezing cold damp fingers... think my best one is out shopping, crouched on the ground, back against shop wall rolling one up... damn sure folk that gave odd looks as they passed thought i was some kind of slightly better off tramp, just so glad no-one through a 10p at me!!!:D

  • And yet when we did it,we thought it very important no matter what the weather,nothing EVER got in the way of having a cancer stick! :confused:

    And we did it over and over and over again, honestly the weather was hardly even a consideration. Nicotine logic is so outrageous, plus we had people to go with us! or not! it really didn't even matter!

  • It definitely looks more appealing on a summer day, sat in a pub garden with a Bacardi and Coke!

    By the time that scenario comes around, I will damn near be looking down from the penthouse with a nice glass of bourbon in my hands, rambling on about how it's too hot to be holding fire in your hands and blowing smoke around like an old jalopy.

  • Ha ha, Debbie I'll hold the door for you and wait my turn then.

  • When I see smokers I feel a really strong urge to tell them that they can quit if they come here and get the right support! I must continue to fight the urge, lest I get my lights punched out.:eek::D


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