No Smoking Day
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Day 15

Well, starting week 3, almost halfway to a month! I get really giddy every time I can post in a new room:p

After a strange weekend of dizzy spells and pains in my legs, and sleepless nights, today I woke up with a pain in my mouth - maybe the gums are healing - that is what I am telling myself - well the body is readjusting or I am getting old :)

Good luck to everybody for the week ahead, have a good one!

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Hi Marta well done, a great achievement, not sure about the teeth/gums thing, mine did hurt but i need a filling so i couldn't say one way or the other if it was anything to do with giving up, have a good week too :)


YAY well done Marta!!

Your mouth might be down to quitting 'cos your circulation is coming back :)


Isn't it a great feeling every time we achieve another day,

I am ten weeks in to my quit, and still have few problems but they are easing.

All these issues are related to your quit and promise the will improve,

Your do great my lovely :). Massive congats


Moving along nicely Marta...well done! :D




Thanks for your comments and encouragement, it helps sooooo much. Going to dentist next month, cannot wait for a clean and for him to tell me how much better my gums are!!!


Well done Marta. You are on fire! If your mouth is bothering you you could try a sensitive toothpaste and use Corsodyl mouthwash. If you don't want to use Corsodyl you could use listerine. After my tooth fell out the other week my dentist said she can't remember my mouth looking so good). If it doesn't calm down within a few days you would be best to visit your dentist. But it is perfectly normal.


Thanks for the advice Mark, will try that.


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