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Dear Mr Cigarette

I hate your f**king guts!! I can't believe what you've made me become, a pathetic excuse for woman, who feels afraid and like she has no control!!

You mess with my head so much, it has enough going on already, some friend you are!!

I spend my hard earned money on you and for what, you to kill me in the end up!! You made me an orphan at the age of 29 because you made my parents fall for your stupid tricks! I won't do the same to my children!

I'm sick to the back teeth of this battle, the feeling of needing you yet despising you and myself at the same time!

I really can't believe I have sunk so low over a ****** white stick!

I normally smoke when I'm angry, well not this time!! FAREWELL SUCKER

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Go Mrs. Go.

:-). The wagon is all the better for having you on it.



Wow, now there's the attitude to have right there Mrs M, awesome :D

Read what you've written right there each and every time you crave.

Molly x




Y e a h.....

Like it



Behind you all the way - go girl :cool:



I can see so many of my emotions in your message here. After failing on a quit after more than a year I have spent most of the last 18 months fighting to stop again. A day or two here, then a fail, a week or two, a month or two - and these were all mixed up and always ended with a fail. I hated smoking and I hated not smoking, I was so mixed up and miserable.

I could have cried with frustration at myself so many times......

Anyway, I go into my third month tomorrow and althoughat times it's still hard I am so much happier than I would be either still smoking or fresh into another quit. I don't think I'll ever smoke again, not because I'm so confident, but because I don't think I'd have the strength to start from the beginning again I just need to make sure I never go back there again.

So, please, don't despair and don't give up - all of this is just what you need to go through to get there in the end x


Brilliant post.....keep on trying...and good luck this


Thanks Kat! Getting through day 1 again using various forms of nrt lol but there doing the trick so I'm not going to worry :)


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