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Day 2

So im back at my quit smoking attempt (again). Im using the electronic cigarette and im on day 2!! Alot of people have different opinions on the electronic cig...but it has worked for me in the past. I got to 10 days off them but ofcourse I got stressed 1 day and before I killed someone I had to smoke lol.

Smoking is beginning to turn me. I hate the way it effects me. I hate the taste and when you smoke too much in a day that tightness in your chest feeling and coughing fits are awful.I want to save theoney too. I love the thought of getting my wages without having to leave 130 quid to spend on my addiction! Ive also found that smoking really alters my energy. Im always tired and after the first cig Ifeel groggy and generally unwell. I hate all that.

At the minute Im feeling ok. I have the beginning of a cold so naturally when yout unwell you dont feel like smoking anyway. Realistically, the electronic cig is sort of swapping 1 addiction for another..but the way I see it is I can alter the levels and its healthier! I have a mate who is off them for 2 years on the electronic 1 and hardly uses it now. She even tried a cig 1 day and was heaving at jt.

Im hoping this is it for me. Hoping to use it for a few months then begin to get off it. Its hard...but im looking forward to the journey. Its a nice thought to do something possible and its exciting to see how i cope when my body goes through all the notions of weaning off it.

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Hay, you are well focused , keep up the energy in your quit, can,t speak for the e.cig as I used patch's. but hay your not smoking and that's great , well done. Keep reading and posting, the people on here are fab , well done :)


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