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Feeling so sick :(

Hi all,

I'm a newbie here.. Just some backround... For 2 weeks i've wanted to quit cigarettes so I've decided to cut down on smoking. I tried to keep it to 5 ciggies a day but ofcourse some days were a bit worse..

I've been smoking for about 7 years and I'd say a box a day was round about what I was smoking.

I had my last cigarette yesterday at about 3PM and it is now 10:50AM the next day. I'm feeling completely sick. I feel like I want to throw up, my chest is aching so badly and I'm so short on air it's scary. When I did smoke yesterday I felt the exact same way after a cigarette hence the reason I decided to quit totally.

I'm pretty sure this is just because of not smoking however some confirmation would be nice :)

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You can keep going

That's what's great about this forum have alook around and am sure you will get some great advice, well done on making the decision quit, it's your quit and we all do it our own way, but loads of support on here,



Welcome, great Forum Name by the way, mines Nutmeg, my dogs Sunday Name.

Wish I'd had the sense to quit after only 7 years smoking. That decision alone is brill a huge step in the right direction, now reel back and take babysteps, post lots my love.

Fi x


Thanks for the replies

Hi all,

Thanks for the replies :) I do believe I have a genetically weak lung so it'll probably make this quitting process a lot more hard but I'm finally determined enough to go through with it and nothing will stop me :D


Great decision, you are going to go through different emotions and pains in the first few days, but be persistent and they will pass.:)


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