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Hi all

Good day all, today is day 24 CT for me and still going strong but carefully. This week has been teh hardest since the first three days. For the past three few days I have been really down and craving but it what I expected from reading older posts. Can't wait to get over this week and hopefully these feelings will pass. Wish you all the best with the quits and just a note to say I find all the posts informative and encouraging. Keep going

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Your well on your way, and if am learning any thing on this forum, we do need to be slightly selfish, as we must focus to achieve our goal, keep posting and reading it's a great friendly place:)


Hello Rog, these feelings will pass, once you've mastered this and you look back you'll realise week three wasn't anywhere near as bad as the first three days, you're just feeling pretty rotten at the mo and if you're anything like me, feeling a bit sorry for yourself. Once the intensity dies down, look back at your progress and you will see it is getting easier. Softly, softly, catchy monkey as they say, focus on the light not the tunnel. You are doing brilliantly well, don't let that demon trick you into thinking otherwise. Best of luck ;)


Thanks all, feeling much better about the quit today.


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