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week 2

made it to week 2 (tommorow morning),..well pleased!!...only just mind you

yesterday,...we went into town,..just got outside the shopping centre,..and bang!..both my other half and me looked at each other,..and she said "i need a fag now!"

i said no!...but was wobbling like crazy, the point we stood outside the fag shop!!......i really didnt wanna cave in

sooo,...we had to take action,...and bought an worked perfectly!!

so week 2 can commence now,..we are both happy again

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E,cig , patch , inhaler, what ever

How great you doing it together, not easy to quit, so keep posting and reading, it's a massive help well done:eek:

8 weeks on the patch and a bad day to day, but tomorrow will be better


day 11,...all is well!


Day 13, now, Dell? Hope you are both doing well in your quits.......remember the much have you saved towards your wedding and honeymoon now?

Well done on coping with that difficult situation the other day....together you can do conquers all and all that! :)




all good, 15,..and yes noggin,..moneys banked,..together £200 in two weeks!!....neither of us have cracked....and nor will we!!

we have booked a wedding vicar in south dakota!...august 7th 2014,..on the top of mount rushmoore!!.....excited isnt the word!!.....flying to new york,..then on harleys to south dakota!!

determinded....HELL YES!!....never been so confident:)


Well done both of you, and what a goal to have, keep going and stay strong :)


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