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Nearly there and thank you

Well 11 months in and still going. Can't quite believe I've made this stick. I don't post much since I first quit but I read the forum every week - so many great stories on here and so many amazing people. I could not have made it through those early days without the support on here so thank you to the folks who post on here regularly and make this forum the special place it is. I'll be away on hols when I get to the 1 year and probably won't have internet access but I'll be sure to raise a glass to all of you out there, wherever you are on this journey and say thank you and stay with it

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Good work Geezer!


Good for you!

Congratulations:D Not long to go now till it's a whole year! How amazing is that?

I bet it seemed a life time away when you started , and now here it is just round the corner.

I've got my year coming up in less than 2 weeks.I cannot believe how the time has passed so fast and how relatively easy it's been after the start with Champix. When my year's up. I'll be with you on the countdown to yours:D


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