I'm finally into month 4

Finally done with my 3 months, and going pretty well.

I have to admit the last few days/week has been a bit tough. All weird thoughts going on in my head, wondering to myself what is the point of quitting :confused:? but i shook that feeling away and reminded myself why I am doing this. Those thoughts were few and far between, but they were there sometimes. I felt discussing it with someone, in my case, the wifey, and a few current smoking friends, made it alot better for me.

Otherwise I really see myself as a non-smoker now. The thought and smell just disgusts me. I hope everyone else is going strong with their quit and Good luck to all the newer quitters. :)

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  • Thanks Kat and Max. It feels great to hit another milestone. Just cements the feeling of conquering this dirty habit.

  • WTG Dp187

    You are making serious mileage now m8 just keep focused you have the monster on the run

  • Hi John, I'm over a year quit and I still like the smell. I don't find them disgusting at all so you are not alone.

  • 3 months done and this is my first day of month 4. I keep reading how others at my stage find the smell of smoke disgusting now but I still like it! Starting to think there must be something wrong with me. I'm still resolved though that I will never go back to it.

    You are not alone!!! I like the smell when people are smoking - but I do not like the smell when people are not smoking but the smoke smell is stuck on their clothes/hair etc...

  • lol, I really can't stand the smell. It is much worse when I smell someone who just smoked. That smell is revolting to me.

    These past 2 weeks have been tough for me, dreamt a few times that I was smoking, and had some strong "cravings" especially in the morning a few days ago. It felt like a was still a regular smoker but did not smoke for more than 2 hours, and I needed it so badly. I felt dizzy and needed that puff, but I kept strong, got to work, had a few sweets and some water, and that feeling soon went away. :)

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