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Oooo looky I'm in month 4!

13 weeks and a day! :D

It hasn't been easy for all of it, but I'm finally starting to get a bit less grumpy (I THINK......well I just caught myself singing on the walk home from the bus stop anyway!).

I've been patch free for well over a month now so that's all the nicotine sorted, and I'm feeling much fitter and healthier (and fatter, but I'm working on that!).

Wooooooohoooo go me!!!!!!:p

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Look at you starting your Month 4 of being an ex smoker :D .......

...... and singing too? That's just showing off and being far to happy, esp with all this boring cold white stuff about ;)

Good to hear your quit is staying strong and patch free - as for feeling less grumpy, great on that too :cool:

Keep it going... and going .... and going :p

See you in few days time ..... keep the home fire burning x


Oh look at you Miss month 4!! Fantastic, I doubt you will get to the bar though, you know what the twins are like!!

Well done


There is plenty room at the bar for you saying there will still be room in a couple of days when the rabble arrives!! :p

Congratulations on 3 months down you are a star...and happily too

Big hug...xx


hey hey hey how good are you gooooooooooooooooooo wowo

keep ata it ur a star xxx:):)


3 months done and dusted, well done you.



Thats great ....well done you:D


brilliant well done MCW


i think once you finally come off the nrt and settle into the actual going it alone bit things start to stabilise. I noticed things change alot when i stopped the patches, and i'm glad now to be free.

Meet all the challenges as they arise, and deal with things as they come. no point in worrying on what might be.. it aint happened yet.. and what happens to others may not necessary happen for you, so take each and every day as a new day and deal with any negatives as they pop up and appreciate every positive.

This is your quit, so be proud of it.. every day!

Huge well done on getting into your 4th month, feels like you are getting places now eh!




Well done you 3 months done and dusted that's great and pleased to hear it's getting easier for you now


Marg xx


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