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a bit of nice weather and the nico demon tries his luck!!

Hey peeps.

Just thought I'd write a quick post as I had cravings today for the first time in ages (its nearly 7 months since I quit). It was definitely related to the weather, had been working in the garden, had finished and sat down with a cold glass of wine...and it started- the "mmm a fag right now would be good" type thoughts. It got to the point where I seriously considered going to buy some (I didn't), which I have not experienced for a long long time.

They do say that it becomes easier after a year as you have experienced every season and I definitely think this is true, I find the summer, sat outside with drink and smoke is going to be a harder association to break.

I know a fag is stinky, disgusting, I don't need it etc etc but it is the psychology of it, the mental association.

Anyway I am through it now (medicated with chocolate which isn't good for my diet but was going a bit doolally) but its going to be a hot day tomorrow and I've got beer and wine in the fridge....

Anyway just wanted to share, sometimes it its you by surprise, but you can beat it!

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Good post and something we all will experience, so this has been posted in the anti Ciggy part of my brain for future reference.

Respect for not giving in , chocolate is your friend ! :-)


Hi Karen :)

Well done for fighting Nic off :D :D

The weather does have an effect, and if you're 7 months in this has to be one of the first nice spells of weather you've had since quitting, so it's a bit new still!!

It was lovely here yesterday and was out with my friends (when I used to put a chimney to shame) it just got into my head that a fag would be so nice :o then one of my friends sparked up and *blech* never had a cravelet disappear so fast :p


Totally - once round the sun!

Loads of people experience that, which is why you have to be prepared for monster cravings when you go on holiday for the first time. Alcohol + sun = (or at least did =) fags, for just about all of us. But as you've correctly identified, this is just a trigger like every other one. Tough it out, and it will go away. I can cheerfully encounter sun and booze with not even a hint of desire to smoke now.

If you had a cigarette now it would taste disgusting, choke you, make you miserable and put you right back to square one. Don't be tempted!

Enjoy the sun,



Well later on yesterday evening I was walking behind someone who was smoking and nearly gagged, it was awful, so a bit of reinforcement. It sounds odd but I think that because I am not around smokers, in some ways makes it more difficult as I have less reality and just the romantic aspect of smoking!

As said it passes, and lets be honest, the weather isn't going to test me much is it?? (though hope I'm proved wrong)



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