No Smoking Day
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Hello - Can I come in?

Completed two months today and moving forward. In two months have put on 7lbs in weight and found the last couple of weeks very difficult. Not intense cravings as at the beginning but just a persistent feeling of wanting to smoke.

However, continuing with my no smoking quest and trying to get more active lifestyle - realise I am compensating by eating more but will try and get this in hand over next month.

Seems a long time ago since day one - I am still trying to get used to my non smoking persona but hoping one day I can confidently say 'I don't smoke'. Doesn't feel like that yet but guess 40 year habit takes a bit of time to break.

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Ooh YAY well done Trish!! :)

You will break the habit in youir head, it's just a question of when your brain accepts you're not putting another stinky fag in your mouth!!


Oh wow Trishh, well done you and hold that door open as I'm just behind you :D I know the wanting to smoke feeling, I've fallen between weeks 9 & 10 in 2011 & 2012 and like you say, it wasn't even a proper crave, just feeling like having a smoke :confused:

That same feeling has been niggling at the back of my mind the last couple of days and occasionally bubbling to the forefront where I have had to tell myself literally out loud NO DON'T DO IT, YOU DON'T SMOKE BECAUSE YOU DON'T WANT TO!!

You've smoked even longer than me Trishh...for the next couple of weeks you will be my inspiration...we can and will succeed because we want to :D:D


New Room

Yes - leaving door open for those coming up - and following those just ahead of me - forward together!

Thanks for encouragement!


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