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Day 6! :)

Hello! I'm on day 6 now and feeling so much better. After my wobble yesterday I decided to go out for a bike ride. Came back refreshed physically but incredibly ticked off. Spent the rest of the day in a strange mood. But didn't smoke.

Today, I went out to the shops (with money) for the first time since I quit. I've been out, but only to the park with the dogs and on my bike, neither times I took any money or cards with me. So I went into the shop I normally buy my smokes from, and bought 3 packs of sugar free gum instead, wasn't even tempted to buy the cigarettes!

Then I thought I really need to get some shopping in, so I went to the supermarket, and walked past several people smoking on the way, wasn't a problem. Just took a deep breath and carried on walking and just thinking of how good it feels to think I don't smell like that anymore! :D

I wouldn't say I'm over it yet, I'm still going to get the cravings, I'm having one now, but its small enough for me to ignore and carry on with my day. Some are going to be worse than others, I know that. I'm not out of the woods yet but I'm getting there :D I really feel like maybe I can do this now.

I live on the side of a very steep hill at the moment. I have to walk up it to go to the shops...I am out of breath every time I get to the top, today? Not in the slightest. :D

A week tomorrow! ^_^

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That's fab Kerry!!

You're nearly at a full wek and you're already noticing how much better your breathing is for not smoking - isn't it brilliant? :D


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