No Smoking Day
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Bye bye week 2 bring on week 3!!!

Hurrah day 15! Feeling very pleased that ive reached this milestone. Had some dodgy wobbles last week but didnt give in.

Had my birthday bash last night and just watched the smokers huddle outside together thru the window and smelt the stink coming off them before i saw them coming back!

Feeling good hope everyone else is too.

Keep :D


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Woohoo well done tic

Glad u had a good night out and didnt cave



fantastic news for Tc and Midwifey, please carry on with your quit, it may be hard at times but it will be so worth it!! ( this is ioming from the woman who has had loads to drink tonight but has not had a single puff....or wanted one:D:D:D:D


Well done to all of you... getting stronger aren't we :)


Love how positive this thread is :) Great work everyone, we're all doing really well! Xxx


Brilliant effort TIC just saying cant believe we are on day 15 :) lets keep it going :)


Oh Happy Birthday also lol :):):)


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