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Week one - completed!!!

Hi guys, Well that's week one completed and I think I have just about survived the ordeal.

Nah seriously looking back its been a fun week, most of the human emotions along with plenty of life's curve balls chucked in but so far I have managed to get through it without reaching for an "old friend" to help me get through each 30mins of the day.

When you have been a prisoner to the poison for 15 years its hard to imagine what life's going to be like as a fitter, healthier, wealthier andall round better balanced human being.

Thanks to this forum and is great members I am now more focused and even more determined to see this through.

Thoroughly looking forward and ready to embrace week two. :)

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Nice one Jay, prolly the hardest part is over you now, stay concentrated and you will get to where you want to be :) Good Luck !!


Thanks for your kind words Smile, Max & Squinter. It really does help to have a place like this to go and put it down on black and white. When I get stressed at work etc I take 5 mins to escape usually come on here, read a few amazing stories and it gets me through the rest of the mayhem at work.

Im sure there is plenty of craves in the post over next few days and weeks but one day at a time and at least we are all going through same thing.

Keep it up guys :)


Congratulations JJ!!!

Any time you feel like one. Just think of that first week, and how it's so unpleasant. Most of the time it gets easier. Luckily once you move past the first week, you have that milestone to look back at and say "I did that. I can get through this".

Goodluck and well wishes for the next week! :D


Hi JayJay :)

Well done for getting through your first week - that's the hardest one out of the way!!

Bet you're proud of yourself!! :cool:


Cheers TALIEN & GEMMA Best of luck with your journeys also. See ya both in week 2 :)


2 days for me JJ, 2 Days... ;)


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