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Help - Champix

Okay. So i'm on day 3 after my quit day having taken Champix for 2 weeks now.

Today so far have had zero urges, don't want to touch the stuff. I'm finding Nicorette Mist Spray works really well if i have a craving on Champix.

Is it worth me just scrapping Champix now and just sticking with the mist spray. I feel i am spiritually in control of my life again, even though ive only been on Champix 2 weeks and have gone 3 days without Cigarettes. Ive found ive been eating too much junk to ease cravings so have decided to gym twice daily and eat healthily.

P.S tooth paste tastes amazing!!

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I just googled it and it says that mixing the two is not recommended. Am off to stop smoking class tomorrow so will ask there.


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