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Double figures


Here I am on day 10 of my final quit. Been out to a social event this afternoon, whilst getting ready to go out went in my wardrobe to make a choice from my "good clothes". After dressing I realised how much my clothes smelled of stale cigs, what to do? all my clothes smell the same, no time to wash them, so I had to wear my choice. All afternoon I imagined I smelled like an old ashtray (and probably did) but the upside to this story is that it just reinforced my determination to quit. I never want to smell like an ashtray again. Clothes are now in the wash.

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Well done on day 10, it won't be long before you lose count.....

And soon you'll have saved so much money you'll be able to afford a new outfit! :D

Keep on keeping on... you're doing great x

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