No Smoking Day
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Xmas turkey

Well folks im on day 27 of cold turkey and i feel like the turkey that passed on christmas......................or should i say escaped from the plate.

What a feeling i just lurrrrve this new life................i encourage everybody to do it, if you make it passed those first 3 days you are 95% there.

Come on and join in the fun and just smell and appreciate that FRESH AIR :D:D:D:D

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+1 Will :D

Stop umming and ahhing, jump straight in and quit, the water is lovely and warm on this forum :cool:


Agree with Will and Capitan!!

The number of times I stood outside thinking 'I'm not really enjoying this' was silly and if I'd quit then would be that bit further to the Penthouse - if you feel like that, just do it!!

Can't believe how much better being a non-smoker feels :cool:


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