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Day 13 - I am new

Hi I am not even sure if I have posted this in the right place. I am on day 13 and suffering from the most terrible heartburn, but at least I am still not smoking. I am currently using a e-cig, because quitting cold turkey just like that scares me, but so far so good.

The evenings are definately worse for me even though I have more temptation in the day for some strange reason.

Today was a bad day, felt very low and depressed even though I knew I didn't want to smoke I still felt low. I am reading Allen Carr, and I so get him, but I am still not ready to give up the e-cig just yet!!

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Hi Karin

Maybe it's the e-cig giving you the heartburn?

I get it very badly sometimes if I use an inhaler after my tea in the evening.

As you say, at least you're not smoking, which is fantastic :)

Well done getting to day 13.

It is hard difficult in the beginning, I felt like I had been through a death in the family or lost my best "friend" ..... but it doesn't take long before we see it as it really is.

Keep taking baby steps, try to keep your chin up, you'll be weeks down the line before you know it :D

Wishing you all the strength in the world for your quit

You CAN do this :)

Take care



Thanks Greg for your reply. I am so glad I have found this forum, gives me some extra encouragement from reading others achievements.


Wotcha Karin,

Well done on getting to day 13! It is kind of rough those first 2-3 weeks but not long now you'll start to feel better and better. You'll be so pleased you stuck it out then :)

Don't worry about the e cig yet, anything that helps, you not smoking is the most important thing for now. Tackle anything and everything else later.

Stay strong and stay with us

Molly x


It is a fantastic place Karin

Read all you can.

When I found it really hard at the beginning the long term quitters pulled me through so much.

The main thing I remember them saying is ...... "if it's impossible then how come soooo many of "US" have done it?"

That was so good for me to hear, long term quitters and reformed smokers are not super human...they're just us.

So we got to show ourselves we can do it too. :)

As Alex would say......."simples!"


Hi Karin, welcome to the forum :-)

I've quit after reading Allen Carr's book too but I've managed without any kind of NRT and still got the heartburn/acid so I don't think the e-cig is to blame.

I'm a little way in front of you (day 26 now) and I've hardly suffered with it at all in the last week. I've heard a few people complain of the same thing after stopping but it seems to sort itself out within the first month.

If it's really bad then I'd see your doctor or pharmacist and get something to keep it under control :-)

Well done on your quit btw keep going, the benefits just keep getting better! :D


Hi Karin, well done on getting this far, hang on in there, Im not that far in front of you and have had bad moments, but with the help of this forum I feel Im getting stronger every day, so keep reading the posts and post yourself when your craving or feeling down, as most of us do at times it really helps :)


Hi Thanks guys for all your positive posts, this forum is going to help me massively. I didn't have heartburn in the beginning, so I am guessing it has somethingto do with not smoking, I also have to clear my throat alot which is not pleasant to listen too, I have had no cough, yet used to cough loads when a smoker and I am eating for England which I am not happy about so I need to add a good eating/exercise plan next for myself. You guys have done amazing so if I can be where you are then I have no intention to smoke ever again.


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