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Day 19


Well today is the day that I have reduced my patches from 21mg to 15mg going to stay calm and think positive while at work as I'm not going to be getting the hit of nicotine that my body has got use too. Will inform you all on how I managed tonight when I get back home.

Found out last night that my quit partner at work caved in and has gone back to the dirty habbit :(, so it's going to be a lot harder now at work but I'm still determined to stay smoke free:).

Quit date 3/1/13

Method: patches

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awww good luck becky the sooner that nasty nicotine is out of your system the better you will feel and the easier your quit will become..its a pain that your partner has caved in but at the end of the day we are doing this on our own is nice though and you will always have it on these forums :)

Hi Becky. Well done on your decision to quit, your quit buddy will be so jealous of you, I can guarantee that:)

Well just got in and that had to of been the hardest shift I've done since my quit but I survived the temptation, it was worse than day three but I wasn't prepared to let all my hard work be for nothing.

Quit date 3/1/13

Method: patches

Hi Becky,sorry your quit buddy has fallen at an early hurdle,then again you have about 50 other and better quit partners right here :D:D

You can do this.:p

That is so true and to all I'm thankful :)

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