Day 12 ..... ooof Grumpy!

Hello everyone I have joined this site today as I have been on the 21mg patch and it has given me very sore burn patches, I was advised to drop my dose so today I am on the 15mg... well I am very grumpy tired and am not sleeping... but I will not let it beat me .... hubby & friends still smoking and my non smoking family just say get over it so as you can imagine I am in need of some like minded peeps to help me through! Gosh I sound like some moaning minnie, sorry :o

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  • Thank you phil.... thought there would be a little more support on here.... what am i doing wrong...? Oh well!

  • Hi Poppycat

    I also joined the forum today and I Am also on Day 12, so I know how you are feeling, I did post s thread just above yours and feel irritated that someone has left quite a negative comment, maybe it wasn't negative and is just my grumpiness. Keep at it, I am sure it will get easier, my partner is still smoking and it seems he is getting up every 5 minutes to have a fag. Hang in there, maybe we can support each other. :)

  • Loads of support on this site...dont worry about that...:).....I am the most grumpiest I have ever been in my life...well I was day 1-8 but since then I am sort of mellowing a bit, becoming more tolerant....we all will have bad 13 was pretty terrible for me for some is just a bad day for you...keep coming back you will find the answers you are looking for :D

  • Hiya jane.... well done flower its well tough but lets keep going together.... I feel just like you but we don't want too stink orcough like the smokers... lol ..... i am reducing my patches and maybe this is what is making me grumpy or just I want too be grumpy and its easy to blame the no fags!, but we will not let it get to us ..... thank you everyone who has commented it has helped x working nights for the next couple of days so will defo call by everyday x:)

  • Hi ya poppycat,

    Well done on reaching day 12, thinking back to last week when I was on day 12 I was such a grumpy b@@@h surprised I didn't get sacked from my work place, now on day 18 n have reduced my patch strength due to the irritation it was causing me but hold in there it don't last for long :)

    Quit date 3/1/13

    Method: patches

  • hiya becky

    so good to hear that you also had to reduce the patch, even thou it says 6 weeks and then reduce!! god they were so painful.....

    are you suffering heartburn wearing them?? seem to have it all the time, but the dark mist has lifted today even thou i have only had 3 hours sleep after working nights and back on nights again in 2hrs!! lol ..... :)

    maybe we could help each other regain our lives back from this dreaded weed!

  • I didn't suffer heartburn but really bad reaction from the glue I still have patch outlines from 3-4 days ago:( so I know where the last patch was lol. Was advise not to use the patches anymore and try a different method but is determined to quit so just reduced the strength, Was on the full strength for just over 2 weeks but woke up this morning wanting a cig so bad but I don't want to waste all the hard work I've done.

    Quit date 3/1/13

    Method: patches/mint humbugs/normal gum

  • Thanks lostie

    I think I remember being told that a while ago but still didn't work as I've very sensitive skin n a sufferer of eczema who is allergic to e45 cream I just have to be soo careful:( but again thanks

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