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Day 3 what a plonker

Okay so day 3 is here and I woke up really wanting to smoke but resisted. Mornings were the time I used to smoke the most.

Hubby went out in the car today so was stranded. Walked into town which was 2 miles and thought I was going to pass out but kept going and don't think I have ever walked so far. Treated myself to a lovely scented candle, then discovered no buses home so then walked the 2 mile home again, unwrapped my lovely candle, went to light it and realised I threw all the lighters away 3 days ago. WHAT A PLONKER. At least I have a candle that looks nice lol.

Headache eased a little today. I am waiting for some mad crazy symptoms to appear but seem to have been lucky so far. Lets see what tomorrow brings apart from an aching body from all the walking lol xxx

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:) Hi Lauren and a big well done for getting to day 3 :)

I'm new to this forum but am on day 5 and can assure you that the headache will hopefully be gone by day 4. I'm still feeling a bit twitchy but have been sleeping well and feeling more alert for the last 2 mornings.

Sorry to hear that you could not light your lovely new candle but at least you packed in some good exercise today and have not succumbed to the ciggies.

All the best and keep posting !

Donna (Nonny):)

Reply is a rollacoster of a 12 now for me and have not had too many bad physical symptoms..... sore throat and pain in chest but they go after several days.....the other benefits like fuller breaths.....healthier skin and better self esteem far out way the initial pain.....

The battle you have to prepare yourself for is the persuasive voice in your head that will once you are over the honeymoon period of 7 days in my case constantly suggest you NEED a need a plan to deal with this.....everyone is different......stop drinking......miss the football game.....leave your wallet at work......anything but nip out and buy the death sticks.........

This forum is the best......when the desire a a thread and you willget support.......we all need it at times.......

Stay strong and help us all.....


Lauren you are not a plonker, plonkers are people that smoke :D.

Im on day 14 now and believe me those headaches will go and all those little niddle pains will go too. Your body is getting healthier by the second................keep it up and stay positive you can do it :D:D ;)


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