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Day 12 - slightly easier?

So day 12 nearly over and into day 13 - nearly two weeks and I can't believe it.

I have been fairly quiet on the boards but have been reading everyone elses posts for moral support.

Today the nicotine monster has been a lot quieter and haven't had any strong cravings. I have to admit the novelty of the quit has now worn off, but I am not going to start smoking again. Going to take my curtains down tomorrow for a good wash so that the house is all fresh and lovely.

Anyway just wanted to drop a quick thanks to all you New Years Quitters who are still going strong as you have been there in my time of need (although you probably didn't know it!!) I loved Sherri B's post earlier about the tantrums and totally get it.

Let's kick this habit once and for all.


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Congratulations on getting to day 12 fluffbuff - that's fantastic:)

Like you, I found one of the joys of quitting smoking was the lovely smell in the house. Yes. I washed everything too - I also found that some of the cupboards had the smell of smoke in them and I cleaned them out too. Smoking really stinks - how did we ever think it was a good habit to have:confused:


:D Well done Trace on getting to day 12 & congrats on day 13:)



Well done Trace, you've done really well, the nicotine monster will gradually fade into the background. I think taking down the curtains and washing them is a great idea - make them smell all fresh! It is amazing where the smoke lingers which you didn't notice before. Cleaning the car is another good one if you used to smoke there too!!

Keep going and hitting those milestones, you can do it!

Karen x


Nearly there!

Hey Trace,

The nico monster will just get quieter and quieter from now on. Are you enjoying your new life as a non smoker? Focus on the positives. i know I am!

Counting the hours till we get to Week 3 room! I just wish time would move faster!




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