Day 12

Well day 12, had a drink last night and puffed on my electronic cig. Got drunk alot quicker cause not having a cig outside lol! I know Ive done the worst now and even though I occasionally crave on, I will never smoke a cigarette again! I ate crap today (hungover) so will suck it up tomorrow and eat well again. Taking the day off as its gonna be 44 degrees tomorrow here in sunny Penrith and I dont want to go to work and leave the dogs outside as I dont think they will live through the heat! Glad I put that pool in last year lol! Feels good to have control over my own mind again!

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  • Well done Rachael! Seems like you're really making headway!!

    44 Degrees!! Woooah!! 9 degrees, overcast, misty, wet, dank, dark and generally disgusting over here in the UK :(

  • Well done Rachael

    Staying strong :)

    Lostie tells me about the silly temperatures you're getting down there at the moment! :eek:

    We have a twon called Penrith about 20 miles away from us .... and it certainly aint 40 degrees there!!! :D

    Take care


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