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It's the little things!


Hi all

I think it was Fi (and others) that mentioned a while back about holidays without smoking.

Well, my good lady and I decided this morning we would book a holiday for our 18th Anniversary this March. (18 years.....oh my word......gulp!...less for murder and all that jazz!..)

We're pretty much home birds so stay in the UK, usually renting a cottage somewhere.

Looking for a cottage involves scrolling through page after page of properties on websites.....trying to find that one in every hundred that allowed smokers...what a drag!

"Oooh ... that one looks smoking!"

So today I started looking again and realised.....

Oh my God....the freedom!

I can now call myself a non-smoker....what?.....Me?.....surely not! :)

The possibilities are now endless!!

Another wall has gone.....obstacle...removed.

So, I started trawling through page after page of properties....saying..

"Ooooh ... that one looks nice"

To which she replied.....

"nahhhhh I don't like the look of the couch!"

She has got a wicked sense of humour :rolleyes:

So Fi and others were so right. You suddenly realise you are free to do something in your life that, as a smoker, you were never allowed to enjoy!

You have to experience these things yourself in your own quit for them to really "come home"...

...and when they do.....It's Fantastic! :)

It's the little things that count.

It's the little things that confirm your quit.

Take care peeps, stay strong




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Yeah Nifty I can relate to this in so many is a liberation...without a doubt.....smoking is so restrictive.....especially in my case where I hid my daughter now loves the fact I don't sneak off into corners etc...and that we no longer have to consider smoking when we pick our holiday destinations, attend school meetings, any social has actually granted me the freedom of the planet!!!!!

Hi all

It's the little things that count.

It's the little things that confirm your quit.


Great post Nifty, I particularly like this bit about the little things. It's spot on, it's like the change has to actually touch you to be real.

I think you are right that we somehow need our quit to be confirmed, as if it wasn't quite real! I suppose you can easily tell if you are doing a new thing, but it is difficult to realise that you are no longer doing something - ie smoking.

We had a couple of lovely holidays in this cottage - clean, comfortable, charming.

Nice views. Good restaurants in Fowey. Not too far to great beaches. The eden project and the Lost Gardens of Heligan in driving distance. Gorgeous place, highly recommended.

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