No Smoking Day
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People are really testing my patience for day 3!

Just one of those days where a cigarette will resolve all my issues.

- I'm not letting the day defeat me. Struggling bad with stress today. I'm finding other coping mechanisms though. After work it's time for another hours walk. This time it's a hard walk! I'm not backing down!!

I got told off by my partner today because I posted on facebook "I make no apologies if I'm being a jerk to everyone because I crave a cigarette".. Yeah people will feel my brunt for a week but it will die down!

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Hi Thrillhouse :)

I'm sorry you're having a bad day - we all get them but they do get better!!

It's great that you're staying determined not to give in and going on a long walk will definitely help. In the beginning going for a walk gave me a buzz, well better than a fag would have really :)

What's kept me off them has been thinking that if I cave in now all the c**p I've gone through since I quit would mean nothing.

Stay strong!



To be expected

This too will pass thrillhouse. The emotional roller-coaster does pass. It does take some getting used to when we are alone with out emotions without the false courage that a cigarette would give us. However, hang in there, and things will get better.:)


You're toughing it out well Thrillhouse, very well done. A bit of aggression can help you get through the first few days - directed at the quit symptoms of course, not friends and family! ;)


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