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This is it... Day 2

Well here i am on day 2... I have such good reasons to give up smoking but haven't made it past day 3 on past attempts to quit. I'm hoping I'll be able to give and receive some support on here and make this the last attempt! I had my last fag at 1am on the 1st jan and usually smoke 10 a day and have done since I was 16/17.

Good luck to all of you! Xxx

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Good luck and well done on deciding to quit :D

There's lots of really helpful people on here to help you, and when you get a craving, remind yourself why you want to stop.

You're right there's heaps of good reasons to quit smoking and the only reason I found why I was smoking was to shut up the cravings - which is a lousy reason to do something so horrible!!

You can do it!

Gemma x


Hi Lil :)

Great name by the way...

As Gemma says you CAN do IS the best decision you have ever made.

Stay positive, stay strong, baby steps and you'll be fine.

Keep posting and keep reading.

Wishing you all the strength in the world for this time :)

take care



Day 4

Thanks both of you. Today was a really hard day probably the hardest yet but I made it through eventually! It's been just over 4 days now do I'm starting to feel more confident as have never made it four day before! Lol

It's so helpful to have this forum to chat with people who understand what it's like :-)

We can all do it and stay healthy and smoke free x


Keep it day at a time is what I go for. Even though I look toward to the day when i say to myself I, I can't believe I was a smoker!!


Day 4 for the first time ever - really good going Lil. Well done.

Keep posting and letting us know how you are feeling, especially if you are feeling bad, sad or grumpy! In fact the worse you are feeling, the better it is to vent your feelings, since it will take the pressure off and make you feel better. :)


Thanks guys! Today was a good day, I didn't have quite so many cravings it was hard at home as its the first weekend but when I was out and about and busy it wasn't too bad.

It's a struggle with my husband as he is also quitting and whilt we are trying to be supportive of each other we are both pretty grumpy lol and this has caused some arguments! Lol

Can I ask how it feels a monh or two down the line for you guys? Does it steadily get easier? X


Yes Lil .... IT DOES

I won't lie, I still think about smoking, but I don't think about it in a way that I want to go and do's strange.....but over time your thoughts change shape.... go for periods without even thinking about it at all....then these periods get longer and longer.

There are times that you think "Oh ... hang on I haven't thought about it for a while" .. then of course .. you start thinking about it...but no where near like in the early days.

Stick with it both of you.

It DOES get easier :)

Take care



Nifty's given an accurate description of what it is like for me too! It does get easier, a lot easier. And your ability to cope with any temptations is also greatly enhanced.


Greg and Biggrin have said it all, it does get easier, the craves become more infrequent and much easier to deal with. Non smoking is the norm.

Keep going and stay strong :-)



Thank you do much guys for your honesty too. It's already a little easier than a day or so ago and I hope it continues that way. It's been a week at 1am so I'm really proud for getting this far. I've had serious nausea the last two days so I'm guessing that is possibly everything going out of my system? X


Hi lil, Im on day 10 and I felt so ill the first few days, I deffo think its our bodies trying to recover. I had a horrible morning but feel much better now, stick with it and keep posting your ups and downs and listen to all the great advise and tips, and use what is best for you to get through.


Good decision

faglesslil, Tooshay and Melanie, welcome to the forum and well done on deciding to quit. I know how it feels in the early days you cannot think of anything other than cigs but as time goes on you will think of them less and less and before you know it a week,month has passed and you will start to feel sooooo much better. Keep reading and posting and you will get lots of useful advice and encouragment on here which will make the journey that much easier, and you will make friends along the way too. You can support each other as you will all be going through the same stages of the quit process and that will be a massive help too. GOOD LUCK to you


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