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133 Days

Last time I posted I'd done 5 weeks... 36 days!!!!

Well at 133 days now, there's no more cough. No more wheezing. No more feeling rough. No more thinking about cigarettes every 30 mins.

To anyone just starting out that thinks it's never going to get easier, well it really, really does. I go weeks now without even thinking about it. People I know who smoke go for a cigarette and I don't even bat an eye. I sometimes think later, "oh, Dave went out for a fag earlier and I didn't even notice".

It's exactly like anything in life that you don't do anymore. Obviously you can remember it, but you don't crave it all day every day. Like memories of being a kid and playing games. You can think back to it, but it doesn't impact on your life at all.

It's also amazing just how fast the time goes after a while. Before you know it, it's just flying by. At first it seems like so far away to get to several months quit, but it really does just fly by.

Good luck everyone!

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Thank you Et for an inspiring post.

So good to see yet another success story, we're racing up behind you to shake your hand :)

Well done



Great positive post, will do new quitters the world of good to know that it DOES get better...........


I also have this app.. I look at the horrid pics sometimes to remind me why I quit.

It does get easer the craves become less and less.. I can even stand in a smoking area now and not think about smoking.. Nearly 8 months for me.. Gonna be my first non smoking Xmas..


Well done Shelly!

Have a Merry smoke free Xmas!


Well done!

Well done ETS. You have done great,look how much money you have saved already too. Those apps are really useful I might have a look at one myself:)


Thanks HAZE!

Yeah, it's incredible how much the money mounts up!


Well done ETS that's great! I love that app, it keeps me motivated :-)


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