The test on day 10

Hi all,

Although being on day 10 feels fantastic and I am very proud, I am filled with in-trepidation for tonights party. It will be not only the first alcohol past my lips since quitting, but the first time going to town for over a year. I know that probably 80% of attendees are smokers, so this will push me to my limits. Alcohol, as with some of you I am sure, has been my downfall. At, present there are two things giving me the confidence to get through tonight smoke free. 1) My own determination, which is strong. 2) The fact that tomorrow I want to post on here and tell you all my successful tale.

Well that's all for now.


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  • You CAN and WILL do it Don. Getting through 1 night is easier than giving up on 1 day. I survived my Christmas do last week without the urges, stay in the warm, have your favourite drink and celebrate that you are no longer a slave to the fags!!

    Good luck :-)

  • You CAN and WILL do it Don. Getting through 1 night is easier than giving up on 1 day.

    Good luck :-)

    I meant 10 days!!! Well done for 10 days btw!

  • Thanks Kazzy,

    You are right, far to cold to go outside. However, I will be taking it easy on the drink, that way I can keep a reasonable check on my senses. Plus I wont have a bad head in the morning. At the moment I am just saying no, no, NO over and over in my head.


  • Good luck Don, we'll all be thinking of you. I just know you won't let yourself down.

    Just try not to get too drunk and stay focussed, this is what you really want!

    Stay strong petal, you can do this!

    Molly x

  • Thanks Mols,

    Our posts clashed there, but we seem to have the same train of thought. Thank you for the support it is greatly appreciated, and working.

    Don :D

  • You can do it mate. I like you have always fell at this hurdle in the past. Knowing it is your biggest trigger (as we do now) will help you fight it. Just remember there is no such thing as just one fag. It will lead you into the trap again of needeing another one very shortly afterwards again and so on and so forth.

    You can and will still have a good time. Just don't let people make a big deal out of it (as smokers seem to love to know you say no and suddenly it is the topic of conversation for the next 30 minutes which doesn't help at all!)

    Just decliner and move the conversatiopn on and remember it's bloody cold outside. Before you know it it's home time and not only will you not have as bad a hangover tomorrow but you will be guilt free but most importantly you will have won the title fight. All challenges that follow will be bantam weight and you'll have little problems beatingg them.

    I am avoiding going out all over Xmas as I kn ow how hard this is, but if I was I would just try to remember I really don't want to smoke, fair enough for those that do, but I've moved on. Head....get over it!

    I'll be willing you on mate and PM you my mobile if you need to text.



  • Hi Ollie

    Good to from you, especially with words such as those. I to would love not to go out at all, but it the OH birthday and it would be wrong of me not to go. I am preparing for the half hour conversations on not smoking, and going to use that to re-affirm the conviction I have.

    How you doing, not heard from you in a few days, Day 11 now isn't it.


  • Good luck tonight Don, and well done on reaching double figures. Alcohol isn't something I have to contend with but any social occasion would be a threat to me as I get bored so easily these days. You can only watch other people get hammered so often without it wearing thin :rolleyes:

    You'll be fine I'm sure and I'll watch out for a success pot tomorrow ;)

  • Hi Don, looking forward to reading you post tommorow that you did not smoke and you had a great time.:)

  • Yo Don

    Get yer dancing boots on, get out there and have a ball!! :D

    I worried about having a drink early on but when I did it felt actually helped me!

    And ..... the hangover will be much lighter than if you still smoked .....

    So you'll have to drink more to make up for it!

    Have a great time

    Relax, you'll be fine :)

    Cheers .... hic!



  • Cheers guys

    HHHmmmm the idea of drinking more is appealing, however, cash in my pocket sounds better, to me anyway.

    So I am just off to get ready now and let the night begin with the sound of all your words ringing in my ear, and so all night they will be too.

    Speak tomorrow guys.


    Don :D

  • Hi Don, we spoke during your first quit attempt some time ago. Sorry you struggled, but glad you are back to give it another go. :D

    Is that youngster of yours still on your case about smoking? I hope so! :)

    I hope you enjoy your party tonight and I'm sure you will be reporting back in the morning still smoke free. :cool:

  • SSSHHHHH Everybody!!

    whisper .... How's the head Don? :D

    Hope you had a great smoke free time.

    It's a revelation having a good time without smoking isn't it? :)



  • Anyone seen Don?

  • I haven't, he's probably nursing a sore head, laid on the settee, under a duvet, flannel on his forehead.

    Everyone knows that hangovers affect men sooooo much worse than us girls (we only get really mild ones)

    It's a bit like how quickly a simple cold can morph into full blown man flu (shudder, so pleased I'm a girl) if a man isn't properly looked after!

    That's right innit Don?

    Molly x

  • Hi everyone

    I did have a great time last night And super happy to report smoke free. Thanks everyone for being quiet, but decided not to go to heavy last night, and feel very good today. Been busy hence the late report here.

    Hi Capitan, so good to hear from you, and yes my lad has made his mark, for good this time on both me and his Mom. She is having her Day 1 today, and going very well indeed.

    So Day 11 for me and forward I go to the end of the second week and my first appointment with the nurse on Wednesday. Hopefully she will give me a lollipop for being so good, but will settle for a sticker.


  • Huge well done Don, you're a star!

    Molly x

  • Great stuff, you passed a major hurdle, so proud! Hope Mrs Don had a good birthday and you're both enjoying a smoke free day today

    Well done! X

  • Well done Don, glad you enjoyed your night without the smokes!:)

  • Nice one Don, been watching out for your update post. Not that I doubted you :D

  • Great stuff mate, knew you could do it. Had a wobble yesterday as someone nicked my son's bike and it was his pride and joy and he'd spent ages and lots of his own money customising it. He was devastated and i was furious! Could have easily given in but I took some of my own medicine and realised it wouldn't help anything. I'm on day 12 now and feeling ok and looking forward to starting week 3!!

    Keep it up dude! Nothing can stop you now.



  • 3 cheers

    Well done, thats another non smoking first ticked off, and you will find that more and more of your social life is smoke free, partly because you wont avoid non smokers, calling them boring but really feeling they are superior to you, and also because you will inspire other people to stop too. Little avalanches of not smoking all over the world, caused by us. Arent we clever?:D

  • Nice one Ollie,

    One battle at a time and before you know it, smoking will not enter your mind as quick fix to a problem, we know now that it will just make things worse.

    Nearly there now, 3rd week in touching distance, well done mate, keep it going.

    Correction, nothing can stop US now. Have you heard anything from Clarky and HadEnuf, been a few days now.

    Cheers Don.

  • Had a wobble yesterday as someone nicked my son's bike and it was his pride and joy and he'd spent ages and lots of his own money customising it. He was devastated and i was furious! Could have easily given in but I took some of my own medicine and realised it wouldn't help anything.

    I can relate to this, I had something come up a month ago with my lad; not sure I could have kept the fury at bay at 12 days so you've done bloody well there!

  • Hooray, well done!

    Didn't doubt for a second that you would succeed Don! So brilliant, I will be remembering you tomorrow when I go out for my work Christmas lunch - I'm not nearly so stressed about it now. Well...except that I'm not sure what to wear...:rolleyes::D

    Nifty, I hear you about alcohol not necessarily being a terrible thing - the other night when I was feeling dire and craving and going mental, I had a wee vodka and coke - very, very unlike me, I don't normally drink in the house at all. But it took the edge off what I was feeling, I think it relaxed me as previously I'd had myself wound up like a spring. I know that too much to drink would be fatal for my quit though, so I will be sensible tomorrow.

    Gladiator, sorry to hear about the bike - that is just so low. I hope your son is ok. You are a star not to have given in though. You are now that much stronger!

    Goodnight all - it is a week tomorrow I stopped smoking and you have all helped, thank you. And well done again Don!!! Good luck to Mrs Don for her journey :)

  • Well done Don :D

    1st time out I think is the hardest but once your there in my case it wasnt as bad ..I just had extra drink of water whilst my friends got soaked plus I could spend bit more time with the non smokers now.

    Im out most weekends an just recently started he is a smoker:eek:

    stinks lol but its helping.

    So glad you did it.

  • Nyx, good luck for today, if I did you can to. Plus what better way to celebrate 1 week than confirming your conviction to quit by not smoking today. You have done fantastic so far and have no doubt today will be a breeze for you.

    Hi Julie, I agree that smelling the smokers actually helps in the quit. On Saturday night, it was so hot tin the clubs that when the smokers went outside for their fix, I joined them, but rather than feel any temptation I felt physically sick, stomach churning. I have somehow done a Paul Mckenna on myself (unwittingly) and so now I am repulsed by it.

    Day 12 today and very good, and Day 2 of a complete smoke free house with Tracy on Day 2. She is doing brilliantly, dare I say better than I was on Day 2 anyhow. Looking forward to moving up the leaderboard on Wednesday from week 2 to week 3 yay for me and you all.


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