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Merry christmas everyone

wk7 on chimpix and 36 days of not smoking and feel great, skin bk to normal, no more inhalers. Went through a bad patch with my 11 yr old son keep getting into trouble at school, could of gone and got a packet of cigs buy didn't, have save a lot of money... hope u all have a mwrry xmas and a smoke free new yr i know i will.:D I feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel gooooooooooooood and much happier...

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Merry Christmas to you too.......

That's fantastic tres I hope I am as exstatic as you when I get to 36 days. I'm 9 days in and can honestly say today and day3 have been the worst by far. Nearly caved to the crave today ( as don31 would say). But have managed to keep going by reading inspirational stories on here, so seeing another one from you has steered me forward in the right direction that little bit more. :p

Keep up the good work and look forward to tasting that Xmas dinner.


thanks for ur mess

I found day three the hardest, but i promise u do get through it i thought i could never do it but im there. There is days now i still fancy a cig but instead i have a bit of normal gum, I also found it hard with my job as im a ass manager for a catering company so u can imagine the driving and strees i get under.. keep it up and keep going if i can do it anyone can.. :p


j23 - very well done for not buckling today. If you are stuggling or need help or support, just ask! Everyone on here is ready to rush to your assistance! :)


Well done Tres

Sounding strong.

Hang tough J23

I'm keeping my powder dry at the moment so I'll just whisper a little "Merry Christmas" :)

Take care



Well done Tres, I don't know about you but that seems to have gone quickly to me? Keep it up you are doing really well and I think the really hard days are behind you now.:)

J23 can take heart from what you have achieved:)


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