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Day 16

Winding down on day 16. Yesterday I was around my smoking friends who were kicking out second hand like it was their job. I also had a beer. Still going strong despite the temptations which I am proud of. Still running my 1.5 mile every other day. I don't have anymore soreness from my runs so maybe in a week ill kick it up to 2 mile runs. Get intense cravings from time to time but they are very short in duration. So far so good. If you're in the same boat as me stay with it, we are well on our way to getting out of this tunnel.

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Good going mouse - on the non smoking and the running, marathon by 2013?!


Well done mouse

The exercise really helps doesn't it!

Nice rush of endorphins when your done .... just the ticket :)

Sounding strong

So far ... real good :)


well done! I wanted to start running, then have managed to hurt my self pretty much every month since i tried it, but i recon by new years my ligaments will be soretd and lungs will be clear so i can truly start anew

youre doing fabby:)


I might just have to do a marathon in 2013.

I would recommend walking at first, then picking up the pace if its too easy. I did my first mile way too fast and was limping for a good week.

ALWAYS stretch because one: it will reduce likelihood of injury two: it reduces likelihood of soreness and three: it helps release toxins stored in your body. Before and after every time. Your body will tell you everything you need to know, just have to listen.

I would encourage everyone to try to get some exercise. It helps me feel good about my quit and also helps to take my mind off craving. Even as much as a mile or two walk helps to get your lungs working and your heart pumping. Getting your muscles moving also passes your blood through the lymph system where it helps to detoxify and boosts the immune system.

I'll keep you posted as this third week progresses and ill keep my eye out to see how you all are doing as well :)


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