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December Quitters

Thought this might be a good place to make any newcomers aware of the Christmas Conquerors Group. I have found it is good to keep in close communication with fellow quitters who are at the same stage. I am certainly not dismissing the invaluable advice of the longer term quitters. The group can be found at Quick Links-Social Groups-Christmas Conquerors-Join Group.


Don :)

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Nice one Don, shame there isn't a Euro 2012 Quitters Group, that was my last fag, the day England got knocked out :o...........


Just posted this in the day 4 forum....

I'm in. Just a quick post to let everyone know how helpful this forum has been. I quit at 7am on Monday (7th) morning and according to my smokefree app it's been 4days 9hours 4minutes and 37seconds since I quit!

The crazings seem to have no rhyme or reason with me. I assumed they would get less intense with time however today I have most certainly found the hardest out of the 4. Is this a common experience? I suspect it may have something to do with the fact that I threw my last pack of cigs away today. I had been keeping a pack in the car just in case and finally felt strong enough to chuck them away today. It has played on my mind ever since! It's like I feel naked without them. Like something is missing. I don't even think it's got anything to do with the smoking of them, just the fact that they aren't THERE. I still leave thew house with the same ritual - Wallet, fags, keys, phone! I wonder how long I will be saying that even as an ex-smoker. I bet that's a common experience!

Smoked minimum 20 a day for 14 years. I never thought I would be able to kick the habit and was resigned to forever being a smoker following a few ill-fated quit attempts in the past. I wish I had found this forum during my failed attempts to give up.

Anyway, just wanted to thank everyone on this forum and I hope to become more active as my health and lung capacity improve!

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hey hour glass, well done, throwing that pack away means you have committed to your quit,

firstly please please please alter your routine, it affirms that you stop reaching/looking for the packet. I used to have a cup of tea and a fag while shouting the kids, not i have a cup of coffee and stand in their doorway moaning til they get up.

a smal small change, but it took away the urge to reach for that first one of the day.

the cravings will never make sense, usually im ok and have a flash rather than a crave, but today ive craved, im bored and lonely and hiself is being a git. ALL bigger triggers than meals or whtever,

NIFTY put it well when he equated it to volume, it was loud and in your face this morning, right now its been turned down and its more like an annoying fly in your beddroom on a summers night (Small annoying and just on edge of hearing)


i cant stress that enough!


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