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Makes you think!


Evenin' all

Hope every one is strong today, thank crunchie it's Friday! :D

Rained all day yesterday and froze last night so the trip to work was interesting to say the least!

I travel country B-roads for about 15 miles to work and about 10 miles in, only doing 20-25 miles an hour because of the road conditions, I lost the back end of my van!...corrected and lost it the other way a little....

..ended up still pointing the right way but now very wide awake and focussed! :eek:

(at least it stopped me thinking about the freakin fags!)

200 yards on........there's a pick-up in the hedge.....upside down, tail end pointing skywards! :eek: :eek:


There were several cars stopped so slowly moved past and waved to one guy helping traffic (only about 3 of us) and kept going.

Lass who drives the pick-up was out and looked OK, I really hope she is!

(Although you never know the people you see in the morning you see them every morning and sort of do ..... if you know what I mean)

So the moral to me?

There's many things we can't change in this life but we all know a bloody great big one that we can! (excuse the French!)

It did make me think!

Do hope she's OK

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I hope so too Greg, I'm flipping pleased I don't drive, I'd hate driving in icy conditions.

You're right about us all having it within us to change, well we already have :)

It's a good lesson. Thanks buddy.

I hope you're well and doing brilliant?

Molly (Mols) x

I am thank you Mols :)

I really am.

Last major wobble gone, I'm hoping it was my smoking swan song!

Especially after this morning....

At least she was in a pick up ... built like a tank it hopefully doing fine.

It's a small world round here so hopefully hear soon.

Glad you slept a bit better last night.

Honestly, try the Rescue Remedy Night ... I know it sounds like I have got shares in the freakin stuff but I haven't .... honest! :p

I took a few drops last night ............ and piggin' slept in this morning!




I'll give it a go if Una's hypnotist app thingy doesn't work.

Greg, could you stop off in the "Where's Kazzitee" thread if you get a minute. We're on about starting to organise a penthouse party of epic proportions for when we all start arriving next sept / oct / nov / dec, there's just so many of us :D

It's absolutely fantastic! X

I hope she ok too,

I drive 400miles a week and see loads of car mis-haps and it does make u think :confused:

It was very slippy by me this am, as they been spudding and the tractors have left that much mud on the rd that when the ice hits well say no more.... I also had 1inch of snow :D not enough to make Mr snowman though.

Anyway stay safe (((( hugs ))))

Hate seeing accidents Nifty. Dont know if you smoked and drove. I did and I once set my hair on fire at a traffic light. Not good, sure I must be safer now I'm not scrabbling in my bag for my doings. Same at home- times I had to get up to make sure that the fags in the ashtray I emptied were properly out, and once when secretly smoking in the garden, I set a huge container on fire- always bought peat free after that!

Oh mrsm

I got that beat!

I was smoking and driving in my works van one day, went to tap the ash out of the little gap in the window and the fag blew out my hand and straight down my back!

I between my shirt collar and my neck!


Nearly crashed the van trying to pat it out against my back!


lol :D

Another danger of smoking .. spontaneous human combustion!

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