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Hello, Think this is scary

Been having a little nose on here but not to sure if I should really be on here, as I feel like a bit of a fraud:confused:!!

I have been a smoker since I was about 14ish and am now 33. I has always been something that I have really enjoyed especially with a beer or 3. I also have 5 children so the flip side is the guilt everytime I just have 1 more.

Last friday I fell ill with this 24 hr sickness bug and felt very, very unwell. Sunday morning I felt normal again but never smoked. Today is friday and I still havent smoked so I guess this is day 6 of being a non-smoker, but it has hit me like a train I am craving it like mad especially in my face and legs does that sound mad!!

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welcome aboard

Hey Dano

firstly well done on not smoking,

secondly you are not a fraud, you will see as you've had a mooch on here that we all quit in different ways for difffernt reason, you are qualified to be here because you made the best choice ever,

craves will hit you at the wierdest of times and the force of some is breathtaking, you did the right thing posting on here instead of giving in, the good news is youve already done the worst bit - youre already nicotine free

stay strong take a long deep breath in through your nose and slowly exhale, that helps me loads

good luck on the rest of your quit


Keep coming on here Dano33 :) Everyone is really great and supportive..I have tried to stop soooo many times and failed but coming on here has helped no end :)

Keep up the great work

Lucy x


Hey Dano, well you've made a positive step forward and 6 days is great! As someone said, your body should be free of nicotine now and the craves will get less and less. This forum helps no end!!

Good luck :-)


Hi Dano

Why do you feel like a fraud? :confused:

Can you explain?

Hero more like!

Stopped for 6 days just like that :)

What ever can be wrong with that?

Take care



Hi Dano

Well done oh well done. Please stick around. Welcome


Restless legs?

Hi Dano33

I think one of your questions is that you're asking is it mad to feel the craving in your face and legs. It isn't mad - as the blood circulation changes in your body it will feel strange for a while. For the legs it is a bit like what is called restless leg syndrome I think.

Congratulations on coming this far.


Restless legs nonico .... more like Olympic legs!

I feel like I'm doing the marathon, but cross country, every day!

Common symptom I know but by 'eck it's annoying!

In fact, there's quite a lot that's annoying in this game isn't there!

Think we should change the rules! ;)

Still confused Dano, "not sure if I should be on here?"

Why ever not?



Welcome to the Forum, you've made it past the worst few days into your quit journey, albeit through illness. It should get easier now, so wishing you all the best.

Fi x


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