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Struggling !!!!

Hi All,

So 8 weeks done and mostly OK.

Problem is my job is driving me mad and to be honest stressing me out loads!!!

I'm so close to quitting but of course this brings financial uncertainty...which brings additional pressure especially around this time of year!

I'm feel like I'm right on the smoking ledge at the moment to the point of just joining one of my smoking colleagues outside but did not actually smoke when he did.

So sorry for the rant / vent.


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Jonny bgood !

Please please dont smoke because work is hard. There are a number of reasons.

1. I do truly believe that non smokers are calmer and more able to cope with difficulties, so give it another month and then see how you feel.

2. If you leave you will be skint and so it will be better if you are a nonsmoker.

3.Employers can take their pick when recruiting and it may lose you a better job if you are identified as a smoker

4. Once you are secure as a non smoker, with the smokescreen removed, you will probably take a good long look at all aspects of your life. With your new found confidence and clear sightedness, you can choose the life you want to have.

5. I restarted smoking 2 years ago because work was hard, and guess what, it was still hard. I lost the job and went spiralling into a depression from which I am now beginning to recover. I am really glad I dont work there anymore but I bitterly regret that I started smoking again.


Hi Mrs M,

Thanks so much for the response.

Everything you say is right and its just what I needed to hear.

I know it never helps and I know this is wrong to say but its almost like it would be a welcome distraction from the crap I'm dealing with at the moment.

But I will stay strong!!!! Arrrggghhhhh!!!


I know it never helps and I know this is wrong to say but its almost like it would be a welcome distraction from the crap I'm dealing with at the moment.

That is the smoking habit talking. The distraction would last maybe 20 seconds. So yes, it would be a distraction, albeit a very brief one. Then the work problems would re-appear, unresolved and unaided by smoking. The bonus would be that you would now have a smoking habit to feel pissed off about as well. :(


Two great comments there stay strong it's not worth it,

You'd regret all the hard work you've done getting this far just for 1cig that leads us back to smoking,

Good luck and chill with alcohol when u finish work:D


stick with your quit!!!

Ive found im coping better lately because in the back of my head i dont have the little voice screaming "HAVE A FAG IT MAKES EVERYTHING BETTER" so i can focus more on the actual problem at hand,

if you can (i work in a shop/office so have a hidey hole to do it) sit still close your eyes deep breath in through the nose (really fill your lungs) and out through the mouth then even if your working on a pc or alone, SMILE and hold the smile while you finish your emergency task. its stupid but thinking i ahve to smile i have to smile drowned out the other voice and in the end if i want a fag i can give a wry smile and ignore the crave (mostly thats enough)

it only takes a few seconds and is a good distraction

good luck


Johnny, well done on being 8 weeks quit! That is excellent really it is and you should be very proud and pleased with yourself. I bet your job has always been stressful most jobs are these days and smoking will not change that. Keep going you are doing great:D


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