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Hi all really bad today would have loved a ciggie this morning, been so stressed don't know why. 15 days today and seems worse than week 1. Also I am worrying about going on hols the weekend people smoking, and the first time ever without a cig. And won't be able to come on here you guys calm me down when I read your stories. I need to get a grip.

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Hi Betty,

RIGHT, now this is the time when you "Gird your Loins", or whatever the saying is TEE HEE. :D This will be a test for you. The first days of your quit -in my opinion - are the easiest in some ways. You feel so determined, and almost, on a high at the prospect of the challenge to come. Then, 2 weeks in as you are now, the novelty of not smoking is starting to wear a bit thin. :( The elation you felt at the beginning of your quit has started to wane a bit. This is when you MUST be extra vigilant. You are going into your 3rd week now, and you are doing fantastically well. :) Keep going. :D

Hi betty

You CAN do this. You have so far. :)

I don't think going on hols is as difficult as it is at home. A lot of what we are fighting is the routine of when we smoke - going to work, at coffee break, after a difficult work situation, at lunch-break etc etc etc. Whatever your triggers may be.

On holiday you won't have these habit triggers, but you will have the resolve of how far you've got to date.

Get active on holiday. if it's a winter sun type one rush around swimming, diving, snorkeling, parascending, riding the banana boat,playing with the kids in the pool/sea. Whatever you enjoy and stops you lying around thinking about fags.

Do everything you don't normally do either at home or on holiday.

I haven't had to get through a quit on holiday yet, but I have been off on holiday on week 2 of a diet and managed to lose more weight than I do at home, simply by rushing around doing EVERYTHING!

Have faith in yourself. You've done sooo well so far. You can do a few more days.

Good luck and have a lovely holiday :D

Thank you both for your support. I'm ok now just had one hell of a day, but didn't have a cig thank god it wouldn't have helped anyway, just nervous now about the holiday going with 2 smokers, never mind fingers crossed going to do my best. love Bet x

you'll do it babes. x

You'll be fine, hon. You probably will be tempted, but you have to keep your reasons and your determination fresh in your mind. Remind yourself of how far you've come, and when you wake up each morning, take a big lungful of holiday air and say to yourself 'I understand that I'm addicted, but I choose not to smoke today' (or whatever mantra works for you).

Then you'll be able to do whatever it is you do on holiday and stay strong. And you'll be able to look at the two smokers you're with, get a whiff of their smelly clothes, and feel righteously smug :D

The most dangerous bit is if you get a bit pissed. But unless you're wake-up-in-a-police-cell paralytic, you should be able to keep in mind that you're not going to smoke, if you prepare yourself in advance.

You WILL BE FINE. Have a fantastic holiday. And well done for not smoking today!

Hi Betty

Spent months dreading my first smoke free holiday and guess what?? - yes it was a doddle :D

It was hard don't get me wrong - relaxation and alcohol with a bit of sun is deadly BUT it turned out to be easier than at home - the usual mundane stuff was missing and everything was different so not smoking didn't feel so odd :)

As Kapper said the novelty has worn off now and it's all about staying quit these days - you will do it though - 2 weeks is brill and you're fast approching a month and that's something to be very proud of :D

The most dangerous bit is if you get a bit pissed. But unless you're wake-up-in-a-police-cell paralytic, you should be able to keep in mind that you're not going to smoke, if you prepare yourself in advance.

But on the other hand you probably can't smoke in a police cell!

You guys are all brilliant thanks every body. Promised my grandson I don't want to let him down. Hoping you can't smoke in the bars in Portugal don't think you can. love Bet x

Have a great holiday, you can and will do this. You have made it this far :D

Hi guys thanks for bieng there, had a great day today went all afternoon out with my mum and never once thought about a ciggie brilliant! hope things are getting better (day 16) love bet x

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