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Week 8 and odd behaviour

Hello people, not posted for a while and wanted to check in :). It's the start of week 8 for me (I think) and all it good apart from my strange behaviour. I have found myself in the checkout queue, staring at the cigarette packets in the self service shelving.

I have been admiring the font on some of the packaging :confused: comparing prices, just aimlessly staring and sometimes wondering why it used to be so important to me :rolleyes:

So if any of you visit Estonia and see some woman holding up the queue, staring at the cigarettes, please give me a nudge and tell me to move on :).

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Well done... we're all odd! :)


Yes i went to Puerto de la Cruz in Tenerife and found myself doing that, comparing how cheap they are over there to how extortionate they are in the UK.

I like standing by the counter in the uk waiting to be served and seeing that i dont spend 7.50GBP on them. in Tenerife they were 2.50Euro, a huge difference. noted with more interest than longing though.

You have to ask for them from behind a counter over here, which is much less tempting than having them about like in some countries.

Well done on your 8 weeks by the way, fabulous work! :D



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