No Smoking Day
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Week 2

And I've forgotten how much the crap leaves your body.

Today its the mouth that seems to be suffering. I have a bad taste, excess saliva production and bleeding gums. Despite all the corsodyl I've been swigging they have become inflamed. I'm booked into the dentist next month. I was due to go last week but thought foolishly that I would be better to save the money and go the following month when the damage becomes apparent and they can do a good deep clean.

But on the positive my cheeks are pink again without the need for copious amounts of blusher and my hair is shiny.

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Yayyyyy welcome to week 2 Fore :D

Keep drinking plenty of the water... that in itself will clear the complexion and get the oils working in your scalp again...

Ive never had corsodyl (but knows what its for) ... do you think maybe that could be burning your mouth...have you tried something less strong?? I dont know what to say on that, or it could be all the nasty acids etc escaping

Hope its soon gets better :)


Smoking restricts blood flow to the gums - so when you stop and the blood vessels start to open up again, it can cause pain and inflammation. Monstrous pain in the arse, I do feel for you! Hope your dentist can help clear it up for you.

It's all worth it, though it may not always feel that way. Keep going!!



Thanks, just a monumental pita as my gums look worse at the moment than before I stopped.

I've suffered with gum disease from the age of about 21, I neglected going to the dentist when I was young and didn't get things checked out when pregnant with number 1 child.

Another reason to stop, I have 32 teeth at the moment, I want to try and keep it that way. I have one at the front that has become loose due to the gum disease and want to prevent it having to be extracted.


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