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6 weeks today!!


Yay! Smoking hasn't really crossed my mind lately. But yesterday... I was in a garage full of smokers. They were just puffing away like they don't care that 1) there were kids around. 2) it wasn't even a consideration thing. Oh I'll just blow all my second hand smoke on anyone or anything.

First time I have been around that amount of smokers in such a small environment. What made me realize something was I was just like that when I smoked. Not caring who was around. Not thinking it would make an impact on others around me in the past who didn't smoke.

I did have a terrible thought after dinner and everyone was lighting up. I was staring at their cigarettes wishing I could have just one. But control came back and took over.

I like to imagine me at 35 with terrible wrinkles and very aged skin and yellow teeth. (cringe) that is great motivation to not welcome cancer in my body. Glad I've came to 6 weeks! Congrats to everyone who has reached another day of good health!!


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Well done on your first six weeks!!!

Keep up those good spirits and there will be plenty more celebrations to come! :)


Well done

Hi Aliicia. ver well done on 6 weeks quit. That is a very positive and upbeat post you have done really well!:)

Well done on six weeks Alicia, great positivity so it's no surprise you're doing well with that attitude......

Hahaha we were playing pool. And listening to music and drinking a few beers. Is that unusual?

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