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Day 2, coping with school is tough

Hey there, entering my 48th hour Cold Turkey :)

I'm a new member, I signed up after seeing the great atmosphere the commuity here has. A bit of background: I'm 22 years old, a first-year law student and I've been smoking since I was 19. Looking around at the forum here, I realise I haven't been smoking as long as some of yall (20 sticks per day for decades?! yikes). I was a 12 per day smoker before I quit.

Yet even then, I find it hard. The workload in law school is huge and I used to have a book in one hand and a stick in the other as I studied. The nefarious thought that maybe now isn't the time to start quiting, and that I should wait for a sem break, keeps creeping in...

Any of you in a similar predicament, or was once upon a time?

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I'm over twice your age and I've smoked for more years than you've lived, so my opinion may just fall flat. But here goes, for what it's worth:

There is never a good time to stop smoking, or rather there is never a good time to stay quit.

I would recommend you choose a quitting time that allows you to feel in a bad mood, slightly physically weirded out and a bit desperate. :D Most people find the first few days especially difficult, so for sure you should avoid quitting during a period of high stress, like during a heavy study period or before exams.

Now, even if you quit during a quieter period, you will still need to stay quit, which means that you will need to get used to the idea that you can't smoke when you get stressed out. One way to prepare for this is to imagine the times when you would normally smoke and tell yourself that you won't. The more "smoking" situations you can think of, the better prepared you will be.

In any case, you are definitely taking the right step by stopping while you're young, before the damage starts!



Hey!! I know what you're talking about- I'm a teacher and writer and I plan my lessons smoking! The pc is a massive trigger and if I've got stuff to read or study ill do it smoking. I prepared last night with no fags. It was tough, I'm on day 6 so no expert, but I do feel I've got slightly more energy, which is a plus. I know what you're going through, studying ot writing is so hard still...


Hey Nashima, as Alex says, great decision to quit while you're young; the years pass before you know it and while the effects feel negligible at 22 you feel it at 40 believe me! It's only the last year or two I've noticed breathing issues and unpleasant wheezing sounds; I don't have that today.

All the best to you and welcome ;)


Good tips Alex, it's not a particularly important time to study right now anyway so I figure I can afford a lil' slip in the grades for my future health :P

Monster it's when the work just doesn't get going, I feel like punching walls haha. I can usually get through my workload but w/o sticks I feel like I'm stuck in 2nd gear. Hopefully it gets better today.

And thanks to AngryBear and Karri for the support :D


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