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Last day in week 1

I'm now on day 7 and will soon embark on week 2. Although I have had bad moments and hard days in week 1 it hasn't been as bad as I thought it would. I have come out the other side. Better than that, my other half is going to go to the stop smoking clinic at his medical practice because I have inspired him. Big thanks to everyone on the forum for helping me through the bad days of week 1. I look forward to posting in week 2 thread tomorrow.

I just noticed that I am actually looking forward to it. I'm looking forward to not smoking. That's an achievement!!!

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well done mark, that is great news about how your feeling and defo about your partner :-) keep that mind set and im sure you will reach the penthouse lol



I know that my mindset is more positive than it has ever been before but the bad moments can still feel unbearable. It is true though that the help and support offered on this forum gives you the boost you need to make it through. Then you wonder why you were so panicky in the first place lol


Excellent news Mark, am very happy for you. Am glad you'll be joining me in week 2 tomorrow :)

I'm on day 11 now, and according to my NHS quit App I have saved £42! Amazing how quickly the days and savings begin to add up. This time last week, was really tough but I got through it with the help of this forum - so thanks to everyone that has posted.

DJC - good luck on day to. The bad moments will pass and you have a lot of good moments to look forward to. See you all in Rio.



Well done Mark for getting through week one

and great news to hear you have inspired your partner to join you in your quit :)

posting and reading the posts on this forum def helps especially when your getting the support of people that know exactly where your coming from and understand which gives everyone a big boost

just a note of caution to always be on your guard as your smoking mind will try and tempt you into the turn of phrase

one wont hurt

its caught alot of people out but you have to just ignore it

staying positive in your quit is the key


i will not smoke today

will also help :)

onwards and upwards is the way to go



Thanks Carol. I haven't so much had the 'one won't hurt' thought. It's more been 'just smoke one to show that you don't need them'. Thankfully, I have learned from previous quits that having that 'one' would lead to another and another and before I realised it I would be back on them full time. Even knowing that doesn't make the hard times any easier but I have found today has been a breeze so far. Hopefully I'll be thinking about smoking less and less as the next few weeks goes on. I am finding the smell turns me and that can only be a good thing.


your going to have loads of triggers to remind you that you used to smoke whenever you done certain things or went to certain places

but aslong as you keep the mindset that your not going to give in to the demands of your smoking head then you will achieve and yes it does get easier the further along the quit you go

it wont be long before you suddenly realise that you hadnt even thought of smoking for afew hours :eek: which will then turn into a day then days and so on and so forth

but staying positive and posting on here will help you big time :)


What I have also noticed is that during my first couple of days I was thinking about getting through the next part of the day. I am now thinking about getting through the whole day. And although I spend a good 75% of my time thinking about smoking only a small amount of those thoughts are positive. For the most part I am proud of myself for every step that I accomplish. I am also finding that I am getting in a lot more exercise in work since I am now going for a walk at tea breaks and lunch time rather than a smoke. It may only be once around the block but that is 3 times a day and it's more than I used to walk. I'm finding the positives rather than the negatives. And the amount of negatives gets smaller with every positive I find.


Mark well done mate, so proud of you, as your follower im learning from you on what to expect on day 3 day 4 ect and so far its helping me imensely, like getting heads up on what to expect on day 3 ect! you should feel proud of yourself getting to a week.

i was questioning myself on my quit date today as most people i know who used champix went the full two weeks and pretty much into third week, i stoped just after the first week!! that nicotiine monster back saying go on derek just smoke for another week then stop! its awful lol

here day to day 3,


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