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Hiya :)

Just poppin by too let ya know am still going, been struggling a bit these past few days , but, im not gunna let Nico in, hehe, i know hes just waiting for a slot were he sees yer low, n thinks.. go ed , shes feelin shoite tday, sooo heres me chance, well narrrrr mate , im well aware ya still angin round waitin but ya can feck orf !!! hehe, I think am near enuf around 80 days, and as much as i wud luv a ciggie some days, im not soft enuf too let me guard down :D If theres any newbies around Hiya , and dont give in , keep ya quit strong , and Hiya and Bye fer now too the resta the gang :p;):D xxxxx

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Hi Scouse

Phew thought we'ed lost you for a time. So pleased to see you put the little fecker to bed. Well done



Good to hear from u scousemum



Aww thanx guys , just been keepin things close too me chest , and fighting the fight lol, sum days have been harder than others , and ive come close a few times but , im doin ok i think i have beat the lil barstard :D :D :D ....I wont givit the satisfaction of laffin in me face and walkin away rubbin his fat greasy hands hehe xxx


Thanx Una _ g :D Glad too see ya still around too doll :) x


Hiya Scousemum

Thanks for your reply to my other post as I leap into month 3!

I'm so glad to know that you (and others) are still feeling a bit of pain - I was starting to worry that my brain was dragging this out for longer than it should!

But we can still take motivation from those a couple of months ahead of us that it really does get easier and soon we won't think about it at all. Just gotta keep knocking the bugger back in the meantime! :p

Yep - let's stay free doll! :D



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