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Hello friends

I am back again with my head in the right place and feeling very positive - I have done it before and I can do it again only this time it will be a permanant quit.

I have just caught up on everyones posts and well done to you all and to those who have been slipping and sliding you have my sympathies.

This is a great forum and it really helped me initially and then I did not really use it so from now on will post and read every day as it helps so much knowing that there are people out there in the same boat.


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hello dottie

i remember you brillaint to see you back and having you head in the right place definately gives you a big head start

keep posting and stay strong



Good to see you back Dottie.

I am sure this will be YOUR quit ;)



You are back Dottie and so good to see you starting with a positive attitude.

Just remember you WILL do it this time


Welcome back Dottie. xxxxx


Hi Dottie, so glad you're back :) I'm starting my quit again today (7th June) We can do it this time together :)

Denise x


Day 2 and feeling good - I feel really determined to do it like I did previously.

I will keep posting to let you know how I get on and thank you for all the messages - I really appreciate them :)


Good luck Denise - yes lets do this together - wishing you all the best for day 1. xxx


wonderful to see you back and can feel the positive vibes coming through your posts Dottie :)

we are all here to support you


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