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8 mth milestone


Just passed the 8 month milestone which took me by surprise just like the 7 month one. i cant beleive another month has flown by. The universe seems to be testing me with major family stresses but im not going to beleive the lie that smoking will make me feel better, its just an old habit waving at me or is it drowning ? nah its just a habit ,best not to give it human traits, i might start feeling sorry for it ,seeing it as an old friend is dangerous too, it might be valid in the early part of a quit but 8mths down the line it could be folly.

I'd like to thank everyone for supporting me and wish you all well with your quit. The weight i gained is starting to diminish slowly due to riding my bike and giving up sugar, i was having loads of it in tea ,coffee cakes and biscuits, an occasional habit that became an obsession like smoking did. its funny that i exchanged one addiction for another. So the sugar has gone and so have the energy highs and lows and emotional /mood rollercoaster that goes with it .It really is true that everything sorts itself out in the end once we quit smoking, so just be patient Y,all cos good things come to those who wait.

Mash x:cool:

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Nice one Mash. Don't need to tell you to keep it up now you have seen how good it is without the smoking curse.

Well done penthouse will be calling soon

Well done Mash. You've kept going brilliantly through some tough times.

(Wish I'd kept my quit up, I'd be nearing the 8 month mark too!!)

Thank you for your lovely reply to my thread. You make perfect sense.

See you in our birthday month (hopefully)


Well Done Mash! Way to go!

It is funny how fixated we can become on other things once we've stopped smoking - I started getting twitchy if I didn't have my mid-morning piece of cake :confused: .... hopefully have knocked that one on the head now too.:D Too much sugar can cause major mood swings so it's great you've cut back on that! Excellent news all round.


:D your doing so well Mash since i quit ive become quite a big chocoholic :eek: :mad: which is scary as i didnt really like it before and couldnt understand why afew friends couldnt get through the day without eating it

but im slowly trying to cut down and stop stuffing my face all the time just wish it wasnt so yummy though :p

Congrats Mash - I also passed the two thirds of a year on Saturday and didn't even notice!!!

Thanks for your lovely replies folks and well done Dave, The oct quit posse seem to be all winning.@ liz im sure you'll do it soon.

Mash x

8 months is a huge achievement - well done Mash :)

Fantastic, Mash. Huge well done -



Nice one Mash.

Massive thumbs up to you Mash

That's great mash, 8 months seems like forever to me now... You should be so proud of yourself :) :) :)

Denise x

Woo hoo Mash. Well done and thank you. You are showing people like me the way. 8 months. Wow....I want a piece of that :)

Well done Mash from another 8 monther:D Must admit I have stopped watching the date now so mine went by unnoticed, just starting tackling the weight gain issue now so should be able to buy a nice slim outfit for my first visit to the penthouse - see you there Mash:D


Yes Mash you really are an inspiration to us all, it really is a good feeling, I am nearly 4 months after smoking for 50 years and some might say its a bit late in the Day, but my health is sooooo much better , best of luck to you and please carry on posting xx

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