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Celebrating a milestone

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I've done a whole week! I couldn't wait to type that. I know it's not long but it's an achievement for me.

This week has felt really long because I've lived it minute by minute, analyzing my symptoms good and bad.

I've had times when I reached for a cigarette mentally, then had to remind myself "you don't do that anymore".

I've done a lot of talking to myself! I won't lie, I find it hard giving up. And I'm amazed to find that I'm an addict! (Or was). I must have been or I wouldn't have suffered so much this week.

I've had cravings, I've had headaches and broken sleep at night. I've had to look elsewhere for my solution to stress and anxiety. I've found it in working hard, planning my days, keeping fully occupied, walking and unfortunately, quite a lot of snacking..... But whatever works for now. I don't believe in too much suffering.

The ECig.....I don't really find it a good substitute for a proper smoke. I only use it when I'm with my husband and he's having a smoke. I don't find myself reaching for it when I want a cigarette. It's just another thing to put in my mouth like food or drink. It's not a cigarette.

I'll be honest here......I still miss smoking. But I'm determined to carry on with this until the habit's broken because I know it'll happen eventually.

The advantages........I smell good, I'm saving money, I'm helping myself to better health, I don't feel like a dirty criminal, I can tell people "I don't smoke!!"

This group, all of you, have been an enormous help. I already feel like we're a family! So nice :)

Looking forward to celebrating my next milestone with you.

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Congratulations Becky and it's great to hear you sounding so positive now.

Just keep on doing what you're doing and don't forget that you're doing this for yourself, it's something that's important to you.

I know there might still be testing times ahead but you're already discovering that it's not as difficult as you thought it would be.

Really pleased for you - you can do this.:D​

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Happy happy happy!!!! Great post!

One week is a huge archivement, it's actually the biggest archivement of all, it undoubtedly the most difficult phase.

Well done! Roll on next week and before you know it you'll have the 21 days done.


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NozmoValued Contributor

It's great to hear you sounding so chuffed about the whole thing Becky. I'm really happy for you.

It's an up and down path and you'll have moments over the next few weeks when you think it's all going wrong so be prepared for that. Post whenever you feel like it and there will be someone here to respond/help/sympathise/understand/empathise....can't think of any more :D

This time next week I'm sure you'll be celebrating again.

..I'm amazed to find that I'm an addict! (Or was)..

And there you were convinced it was just a habit!

Very well done on your first week. I know it feels hard at times, but I can promise that perseverance now will be rewarded a hundred fold a few weeks down the line. A day will come when you suddenly realise you're not thinking about smoking every five minutes - then soon afterwards you'll go a whole day without giving it a thought.

Smoking gradually robs you of your energy, so slowly and subtly that you're unaware that it is happening. That lost energy comes bursting back after a few weeks and you'll be amazed at how full of life you start to feel!

Just a final word of warning - once an addict, always an addict! So long as you're not feeding your addiction it is very easy to live with, but as addicts we must always remember we are only one cigarette away from failure. Any thoughts that 'just one won't hurt' must never be entertained, as I know only too well from a previous failed quit. Remember NOPE (not one puff ever) and you cannot fail!;)

I gave up eleven years ago for ten years. I remember thinking "I'm still a smoker, I just don't smoke".

I know from experience now, just one puff WILL hurt....

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CocoaXChangeValued Contributor

Congrats Becky, the next weeks get a bit easier.

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HercuValued Contributor

Becky... With that positiveness after one week I want to say you have nailed it. You have experienced the nasty negative side but with your good attitude saw the positive and valued it much more.Becky Ja...I have learned and experienced that Quitting smoking is about gaining back control of your life -- emotions and all!

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Congrats on your 1 week milestone Becky....

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