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115 days and failed!

feeling really embarrassed and sad!

115 days and smoked 2 cigs!

not much to say.

back to day 1

have loads of excuses, but just boil down to a big fail, hope everyone else is doing better.

and hope hope hope hope my son is ok!

I will make it to penthouse but later then planed.

I will still follow some like mash and aitch and others, to pray you get there,

Thanks for support, it really did help.


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Oh Maura what a shame.

Anyway never mind that now whats done is done. Now in my book 115 days is not a failure. 2 cigs is not the end of the world its what you do next that is the important thing now.

The question is have you gone dack to day 1 or have you decided to just start smoking again?

Of course you know what the answer should be don't you.

No one can take that 115 days away from you so just get on your bike and do another 115 days and when you get that far just keep going a bit further and then a bit further

Come on you can beat this, you have already proved it so lets see you posting again.

If it helps just say you are now on day 116 with a minor hiccup we won't tell anyone honest



I completely undestand your feelings of sadness and embarrasment and those feelings of utter failure, just make a note of why u slipped and realize we are only failures if we dont try. you have tried and very successfully too. Not smoking for over a hundred days is a huge success. I hope u can forgive yourself and get over this blip ,slip thingy as soon as and maybe give it another go again. If your loike other people on here u will quit again cos really none of us want to smoke and will never be satisfied as smokers

All the best .

Mash x


Hi Maura

There is nothing to be embarassed or about, the simple fact is that the vast majority of quitters do not manage it the first second or even the third time.

The important thing is that you learn from this attempt and try again otherwise it has been a waste......

Good luck and keep on trying you will get there....:D


Don't worry about it love worse things can happe, for a split second i was envious of you, could imagine myself in the garden cup in hand and a fag

, but then I remembered that I had been chatting to 2 friends in Town this morning both smokers and they smelt of stale cigs uch

Climb back on with us xxx


Hi Maura, sorry to hear you had a smoke but that doesnt have to mean you stay smoking. Please try again.Also, I hope your son is ok! I notice you put in your post that you hope he is ok and I am guessing that is what caused you to smoke. Bad things happen but we are always here to support you. Smoking wont make anything better.


You know the answer to this

Hi Maura,

You've done bloody well and you know it! and having two fags that you know you should not have had, should never be deemed the end of your quit attempt, So dust yourself down and don't give in to the Nico monster that has landed on your door step. You did this for five years before so please don't give in:mad: I am in my third year of my quit and I only done it through the help of the brilliant people on this site. So stand to attention, Fags down the toilet pan and continue with your brilliant quit attempt, we will all be watching and here to help and support you. P.S I will have a nice bottle of 15 year old malt waiting at the Penthouse bar to celebrate your first year of the fags.



Fail surely not

It's not a fail it's more like a shart a misjudgement a mistake an admin error, failure is Gareth Southgate at euro 96, the pasty tax, nick clegg. Not even on the same pitch never mind anything else , your at that time, I got here four years ago had one roll up and that was it. Just roll your sleeves up and start again at 116 one day at a time , around this time is very hard in a quit I'm struggling it's the one won't hurt scenario but now were older and wiser and Southgate would never be picked. Keep it real is the sound advice from Ali G :) good luck and keep going


Got the message?

Just keep going Maura - we are all right there behind you.

The failure would be to make a decision to keep smoking.

You can do this.

Billy xxx


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