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Day 1 Starting


I have officially been a non smoker for 1 whole hour :D

I haven't been on here for a while as I took a step back from quitting. It can be really draining constantly failing a quit so for me personally it was best to remove the pressure of trying for a while.

I am going cold turkey but am going to see if breath freshener spray helps. The idea came from one of Austins posts and although he said it tongue in cheek it's worth a go. I am also using positive affirmation which was a tip from NicFirth that stuck in my mind.

All the best to everyone else with their quits :)

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Well done Karri

Good to see you back on the horse (so to speak)....

This is the one I can smell it!!:D (or maybe that is the breath freshener)

Good for you Karri. I really hope this will be the one for you. ;)

G x

Hey Karri great to see you back, missed you :D

Agree with what you say though,

haven't been on here for a while as I took a step back from quitting. It can be really draining constantly failing a quit so for me personally it was best to remove the pressure of trying for a while.

I done the same. Trying again now though :D

All the best,

Zoe xxxx

Welcome back Karri!

You know you can make it... Stay strong!


Welcome back...really hope it's your time now....a massive well done on day one :D

Karri! Great to have you back with us! And good luck - you really really really really really CAN do this. Stay positive :)

And keep posting!



Hi Karri, so glad you have made that decision, this is my best quit and I am sure it will be yours.

Love Joan x

hey welcome back karri, quittings the easier part of it, so how about staying that way. hope u do, cos im not sure i could bear to see u fail again or anyone else for that matter. i know ,i mean really know that the only reason we fail is due to taking one puff. ....

Mash x

NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Stay strong, take it minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day.

The most important thing is it have faith in your ability to do this its within your, and everyone's, capabilities.

Stay strong, stay stubborn and keep telling yourself that you are stronger than the addiction.

All the best


Nice to see you quit again Karri and doing so well. Just take it one day at a time. You're doing great on day 3!!! The nicotine is out of your system and you're in control. Keep going matey. If you;re temping for 3 months maybe it won't be as stressful as when you worked fulltime. At the end of the day you can always walk away if it gets too much but 3 months is nothing and if you get through this whilst quit, you can get through anything.

All the best Lisa xxx


Good decision to quit again and good luck

You have taken early retirement but have been asked to help out for a couple of montyhs and you immediately said yes. Sounds very much as if you want to go back and do a bit of work. Good for you if thats what you want. Think you ought to give it a go and if after 2 days, 2 weeks or whatever its not right just walk. You don't owe anybody anything.

Good luck hope it works out ok as I am sure it will

Hiya Karri, we avent met lol, well done on ya quit doll, and dont be stressin goin back and doin ya work again, i read somewere a little titbit about a lady who felt like she had no confidence when she packed in smokin, it was her crutch, well it isnt true is it ! ya dont need a ciggie too go do sum temping, ya just need you, ya doing great keep it up good luck goin back too work, and wen ya wanna vent come here of a night wen ya sit down and relax and i bet we read u sayin ooooo im luvvin it !!! hehe :D xx

Good to see happily (qualifiers are self-evident) quitting along, Karri :)

Don't worry about your early days. You've been here before and aware of most of the difficult aspects. Try to get back into that mindset you'd picked up from Austin recently and that served you so well.

I'll offer the olive branch here to congratulate and wish you well Karri. :)

Nice to see that you haven't given up giving up.

I look forward to watching you fly through the stages of the forum in the coming days, weeks and months.

You can do it, you just need to hang a little bit tougher when the bigger craves come around. Do that for a while and you can make this quit stick. :cool:

Pleased to see you back hun x

Really sorry to hear things didn't work out for you, Karri. :( I hope one day you get the courage to try again, and even though your will to smoke is currently stronger than your will to give up, I'm hoping that the balance will tip at some point in favour of stopping.


How sad :(

Ohhh, poo!

Only you will know when the time is right for you, Karri.

I'm hoping that the "right time" will come along sooner rather than later...

Phil x

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