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No Smoking Day
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19hrs since my last Cigarette

Hi Everyone

My name is Linda and I have been smoking now for 20 years. This is only my second attempt to stop, the first being a half hearted attempt several years ago when I lasted 48 hours and then gave in.

Things have changed though, I have spent the last several weeks very ill with a chest infection following a bad flu and it has been terrifying to experience the struggle to breath. My GP has mentioned COPD although nothing confirmed.

Anyway I am only 44 so far too young to have my quality of life impacted by smoking and I have therefore taken the 'bull by the horns' so to speak. I had my last cigarette at 1am this morning and so far its been hard. I didn't sleep all night really and also today I have been thinking about smoking a lot.

I have bought myself an ecig (10 motives one) and puffed on it a few times, I think it might help but take a lot of getting used to. I am also chewing gum.

I am back to work tomorrow so that will help with routine and keeping busy. I am also thinking of using some of the Iphone Apps (any good ones anybody recommends?).

Anyway just wanted to say hello :) Thanks for reading!


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Hi Lindyloo, Welcome!

Congratulations on your quit! Stay strong.

I dont use any of the iphone apps, but i use quitza.com which kinda turns quitting into a game with all kinds of personal facts about your quit. is that the kinda thing you were looking for?


I was looking for the meditation aps in relation to giving up smoking. I think I am going to struggle to sleep and I am a bit of a stress head! Most you have to pay for which I don't mind but wondered if anyone had tried them :) I will give the game a go too though! :)

Thanks for the lovely welcome Samisampson :)


Your very welcome :)


Hi LindyLoo

You are just a few hours behind me in your quit so "sisters in Arms":D

I think we just have to expect it to be hard, really hard -then if it isn't it's a win :)

A soak in the bath, planning what to do with the money I save, helped me yesterday evening - just a thought (I might end up as a World Record holder of baths mind you!)

Good luck and hope to see you posting in day 2 tomorrow,




Hi lindy

The app I use is MLC ( my last cigarette ) it tells u how much u have saved, how long u have quit and it gives u horrible pictures and daily facts to keep u motivated.

As for the meditation I use headspace app it's 10 mins a day for 10 days to help u self meditate and also darren marks deep relax is a 20 minute relaxation hypnosis it's brilliant at helping u drop off to sleep.

Also, all of these apps are free!! :) good luck


P.s chamomile tea is great for helping you to relax ;)


That's great thanks very much :) I will get those downloaded tonight :)

I too think a bath shall be a regular feature, I was sat in the bath at 5am this morning as I couldn't sleep for obsessing about the fact I wasn't going to have a cigarette this morning :).

Anyway I have found something to keep me occupied for the next 20 minutes, a nice glass of strawberry bellini ;)

I am determined to post in day 2 tomorrow Mina, working all day so less time to mope around :)

I have never tried chamomile tea Donna, time to order some in :).


I have never tried chamomile tea Donna, time to order some in :).

Not gonna lie it's no PG tips but it's not horrible and definitely relaxes u :) let me know what u think of it



Also click on quick links > social groups > January freedom fighters if u fancy it theres lots of people including myself all at about the same point in their quit so lots of advice and support x


Oh great will do that Donna! :)


Hi Lindy - great news on your quit - another day nearly over and another day as a non smoker - good on you :)


Thanks Max, what a great welcome. Lovely to 'meet' you :)


Hi Lindy - great news on your quit - another day nearly over and another day as a non smoker - good on you :)

Thanks Lucy, your support is really appreciated. I have found today hard but I am determined :) Lovely to meet you!


hi lindy loo

Your doing a great thing lindy loo - I think we all need to remembrr

we are worth it! We are on a journey for sure and no doubts that there

will be struggles but will make each victory sweeter

im at the end of day 4 now (having smoked for 34 years with a couple

of quits in the past) and on the whole its going well but with some

tough moments. Like you, didn't sleep the other night which is really hard

as lack of sleep so debilitating - but this will settle. Strange things

happen. .. I went for what was supposed to be a long bubble bath earlier and

ended up cleaning the tiles with bleach and a tooth brush. Honestly!

Whats that about? Not quite the spa experience I planned. Ha ha

Anyway - you stick with it girl. (Your illness sounds like your wake up call)

Keep posting on this forum - folk are great and its certainly keeping

me going. Power to you x



Ive been there

Your story sounds just like mine and your the same age I was when I stopped.

I had the fright of my life when I got ill and to get a lung full of air was almost impossible. It frightened me and woke me up to the reality of smoking related illness and that was it done finished never ever again do I want to feel so ill and everytime I got that need to smoke I thought about how ill I had got found something else to fill my time, walking the dog, Ironing, taking a shower what ever it took to get me past that moment and 3 years later here i am still smoke free.

Keep strong, positive and take each minute as it comes.

Keep looking forward to that next goal on the stop smoking timeline and before you know you will be an ex smoker x


Thank you Lexilou, I confess to a better night last night, i did some hypnotherapy and relaxation apps in bed, i was sleeping quickly LOL!

Timetostop, your story inspires me a gives me hope <3


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