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Hi all strange question, last night I get into bed and had jump back out my feet felt like they were on fire, this is 2nd time it's happened since I've quit, is it a side effect?

Other then that I feel very positive today day 9 been awake about a hour and don't need them expensive sticks:D

Oh and my dreams haha weird or what? I have very good imagination when sleeping!!!

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Me too

Yep this happened to me at the start of my quit - days 2 and 3. Itchy burning like the worst pins n needles. I think it's the circulation starting to come back! For the first time in years I don't have icy cold hands either. If it persists for more than a couple of days I'd get it checked out, but from my reading here and on the web it's a normal symptom of quitting and it's a GOOD THING!

Well done on your quit.


Might be better circulation and more oxygen reaching the extremities. It does calm down if that's the cause.


Thankyou, i have found my feet aint as cold as they used to be :confused: touchwood i aint had anymore feet burning since last one so hopefully thats back to normal


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