day 22 heading towards 4th week

Hi all now i am heading for 1month this morning for some unknown reason thought about fags. I havent thought about them until now. But it wasnt that i wanted one just a thought. I have not let myself be distracted had a lovely day seen 2 of my friends which was very nice. But now at home where life is a bit hum drum. We hardly talk thats because nothing to say really. Hub been out of work 3yrs im bored when at home. I wont see anyone till wednesday now nobody comes and visits. And i just get tearful and depressed and snap at OH. I want to have my life back in other words i dont want married life anymore we argue i lose my temper and rage im constantly moody when at home. Well enough said. Jacqui

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  • ((((((hugs))))))) first of all well done on your quit, you are doing so well. Now I am no expert on marriage but are you sure its not just because you are going through withdrawal if not then I would ask myself why I am still with him. Hopefully you will work it out and be happy again, sometimes we just get stuck in a rut and everything seems so dull. My other half is a pain in the rear end but we both work so get a break from each other. I wish I could offer you some words of wisdom, but it would be wrong of me to put ideas in your head. Stay strong Jacqui, you are doing really well.

  • Dont do anything drastic yet Jacqui, I felt like that for a while during my quit. I was hating my other half,everything he said or did annoyed me!! But it passed.

    I would wait a while before you make any life changing decisions.

    Chin up missy, theres plenty people on here willing to listen if you need be (and not just about smoking).

  • Hi Jacqui

    I agree with Red. I would wait a while before you make any life changing decisions.

    I went through a terrible time with my Husband up until recently, 90% of it was my quit. My perception was altered as I was balancing out and we were fighting everyday. It is so much better now, we are laughing again, together

    Big Hugs from me too, I know how terrible it can feel... but thank God that feelings do pass, and this too shall pass. ;)

  • Thanks peeps. But we were like it before i quit. Im just never happy no matter what i tried just now to talk about having a holiday and then i went onto say well we bloody well cant because noone to look after rabbits. I shouted. "no talking to u is their and hes right. I wont say anymore on here its not right. I have to stop.

  • Thanx for all your support you wonderful friends you have all given me hope. I had an explosion of bad temper this morning tears the lot. But we have managed to rescue our marriage and talk more. And have talked about going away for a weekend somewhere peaceful and relaxing. I am so grateful to all of you. But most of all i have NOT LIT UP A FAG and so proud that i am still a non smoker. Love to all of you because you are all special friends. Jacqui

  • Well done Jacqui, I am soooooooo pleased you had your outburst, bottling it up doesn't do anyone any good. I am awaiting my next big blow out as is the other half:eek:. Just to add you went through all of this and you didn't smoke, a very big pat on the back to you. ((((((( hugs)))))))

  • Many thanx Shojam means alot to me. Jacqui

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